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Cassia health pillow is not large, the role of Health Channel – original title: cassia seed pillow health role is not large speaker: rehabilitation nursing center the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, deputy director of the physician Ou Zhisui in recent years, in line with current very elderly health pillow, especially by businesses advertised Qinggan Mingmu hypotensive effects cassia seed pillow, is favored by many people. However, cassia pillow has such magical effect really? The old man in the purchase of pillow, should pay attention to what the problem? It is one of the many filling materials, dry mature seeds of leguminous plants or small cassia cassia. In the "Shen Nong’s herbal classic", described as its "main purpose, poor taste Xianping, prostitution, skin red, white, red eye pain, tears", that is the main effect for the treatment of eye diseases in semen cassiae. But in the treatment of eye problems on Semen Cassiae and can not be used as the main drug, it can only play a "perfect" role in the treatment of. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, most of the blurred vision of the elderly is caused by stagnation of liver Qi or deficiency of Qi and blood. For the former, need in the liver with the basis of Juemingzi eyesight; for the latter, it needs to be based on Qi with cassia mingmu. But, like this kind of cassia seed class of medicinal materials, the properties of gas accumulation on the inside, not easy to disperse, namely its medicinal efficacy more hidden in the seed, need to powder can play the efficacy of oral administration. If only for external use, as pillow stuffing, has very little to the pharmacological effect of semen cassiae. After using the discomfort because of lack of supporting force of cassia seed pillow part of the elderly will appear dizziness and other symptoms. In the end, this is not due to the use of "not symptomatic medication" caused by it? Because of cassia seed as pillow stuffing, pharmacological effect has little influence on the people. The old man causes discomfort, mostly due to the height of the pillow is too high or too low, or soft hardness is not suitable due to, rather than because of the resistance to seed itself. And cassia texture is hard, is an ideal material for pillow filler. The old man at the time of purchase, if you can choose a suitable shape and height (in the groove, the height of the pillow head a little higher than the fist standard) of cassia seed pillow, rarely will cause discomfort. Choose the pillow to see constitution in addition, for general no obvious smell of pillow, there is no explicit use of taboo. Because the medicine filling pharmacology have little effect can play in the pillow, such as mung bean, cassia seed pillow pillow. The old man if you want to use for the treatment of chronic diseases to sleep pillow auxiliary role, or to choose according to their physical pillow. Generally speaking, flower leaf pillow with obvious smell, its pharmacological effects are more suitable for the elderly chronic disease using more than seed pillow. For example, the physical side of the heat need to detoxify the elderly, can choose chrysanthemum and honeysuckle as the pillow; and the physique cold need warm yang old man, can choose leaves as a pillow. But the use of these pillow also have contraindications, such as cold dampness of the human body itself, not suitable for chrysanthemum, honeysuckle pillow itself; liver yang hyperactivity or stomach people, are not suitable for use moxa leaf pillow. At the same time, such as chrysanthemum, mugwort leaf filler, different manufacturers相关的主题文章: