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"Catfish" swim ashore   Ganjiang "fat" – Jiangxi Channel – Nanchang section of Ganjiang river shoal of large area exposed (taken on September 27th) after the rainfall, water level of Ganjiang Nanchang section increased significantly (taken on September 29th) by the 17 typhoon "catfish" effect, Jiangxi province yesterday has heavy rain to heavy rain. Nanchang section of Ganjiang River water level rise, the river showed turbid yellow river than the previous "fattening" many. Data show that in September 28th 8 to 29, 8, the province’s average annual rainfall of 47.6 mm, 69 mm, Fuzhou City, Xinyu City, Ganzhou City, 62 mm, 60 mm; Yihuang County of Fuzhou City, 136 mm, 104 mm, Ganzhou City, Shicheng County of Ruijin City 103 mm; maximum rainfall for Yihuang county should square station 283 mm, Linchuan Shan Po District and Yihuang County Station 253 mm Dongyuan station 236 mm times. Over the same period, the province has a total of 43 stations over 336 mm rainfall of over 100 mm, covering an area of 13503 square kilometers, the county’s 10 stations over 200 mm, covering an area of 439 square kilometers. In September 29th 16, the NanChang Railway Station level rise to 14.3 meters, compared with the previous 24 days 20 when 13.28 meters raised more than 1 meters. From the point of view of the province, affected by rainfall, in the upper reaches of Ganjiang River, Fuhe River water level rose significantly, up 1 to 3 meters, but the water level was below the warning line. In addition, 29, 16, the water level of Poyang Lake Xingzi remained at 10.34 meters, a dry line rebounded yesterday, once again stand on the 10 meters. (commissioning editor: Wu Ruo, Shuai Jun)相关的主题文章: