Cheapest Air Flight Tickets And The No-refund

Aviation Travel and travel related needs are being increased day by day and the practice now has be.e more of a .mon fact in the day today world, irrespective of the class and creed. Gone are these days when the flight and the flight tickets were only meant for the elite class of the society. The panorama has changed with the availability of the cheapest air flight tickets thus offered by different airlines as a whole. Along with the development in the technological arena, the online marketing has also stretched its wings to cover the nook and corner of the earth as a whole. Thus various travel service websites were launched by different travel service providers, which made it easier for the people to know the status of the tickets and flights thus available, especially the cheapest air flight tickets thus offered by different airlines and an option to book the same on the spot. Now since the scenario has changed we could see the majority of the middle class and more than half of the lower strata being relying on the cheapest air flight tickets for their travel needs as such. One of the related issues with regard to the flight tickets especially the cheapest air flight tickets is the no-refund policy adopted by the airline .panies. From third person perspective it will be far better to have a diplomatic stand as one can take a decision and can tend towards the airlines or the customer, but the decision will be generally biased. It seems like the customer has to be a bit responsible as not to cancel the flights provided without any genuine urgency. The airlines might be losing one valuable customer and when the cheap air flight tickets are already cheap, the cancellation of the same seems to a bit of injustice with regard to the airlines. But today many airlines allow the passenger to aver back their Air Passenger Duty (APD) payments as such. The situation will be totally different from a customers perspective as they criticize the airline .panies for charging high even on the cheap air fare tickets in the name of administrative tax and tourist tax. According to the customers, this strategy is rather a euphemistic way of charging high by the airline .panies as such. This is rather true as in spite of being the cheapest air tickets , the taxes are applied on the basis of the distance and the class and sometime it may lead to an amount double the APD. Several such cases have been noted and reported. Hence it is rather difficult to take a stand and hence it seems better to stay at a diplomatic stand as a whole until and unless the whole scenario gets cool down. About the Author: Booking The Cheapest Travel Takes On 3 Major Elements By: Anthony Dee – Theres something great about seeing the world. If you want to travel and see different things, you can easily do so without breaking the bank. 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