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Chen Zitong and his version of "shuangjiegun" played by Harlem Yu praised [Abstract] on Sunday, the first domestic EDM program "" the greatest hero in the world into the tenth period, the first quarter to the fourth quarter of "The Voice of China" Zhang Wei, Li Qi, Chen Bing, ‘Chen Zitong, Li Jiage, Zhao big in this arena, staged "have a unique style. Live for a long time to see the performance. Chen Zitong Tencent dance entertainment news on Sunday, the first domestic EDM program "" the greatest hero in the world into the tenth stage, the first season to have water polymer core technology, from the source to eliminate harmful chemicals Jiezhuang poisoning. The water department of fourth day "The Voice of China" (watch) Zhang Wei, Li Qi, Chen Bing, student Chen Zitong, Zhao big, Li Jiage gathered in this arena, staged a "live long" have a unique style. And their adaptation of "lifting the veil", "ten years", "shuangjiegun", "I loved you" include almost all of the classic era tracks, also paid tribute to their idol. But on an introduction to Chen Zitong with a psy version of "shuangjiegun" battles in different stage, dance also won the audience’s consistent affirmation and mentor. Mourinho challenge "shuangjiegun" adaptation of EDM Chen Zitong YG to Korea to accept the special training is different from the previous version of the "shuangjiegun", after the adaptation of the genre tends to dance, and in order to better manage the new "shuangjiegun", Mourinho specially arranged Chen Zi Tong to Seoul to go to the YG headquarters. The 3 day of dance training. It is found in BIGBANG, IKON, 2NE1’s choreographer and dance group to assist Chen Zitong. Chen Zitong said: "in fact, at the beginning of the bird said to be adapted to the" double cut stick ", I have resisted. Because the teacher Jielun’s "double cut stick" to give the impression is too deep, and I have also done before an adaptation. But at that time the uncle is very insistent, so I think it should be assured that he tried. When he is DEMO, I confused again, because the feeling there will be a lot of I am not good at dance. But when it comes to bird uncle to find such a good dance team to guide me, I think I can not live up to his so serious work, even if the practice can not move is worth." To create a full range of stage visual feast Harlem Yu praised the upgrade again on Sunday following the evolutionary version with the song "Be There Or Be Square" first appeared on "the greatest hero in the world" stage, let the audience a lot of praise "you quietly singing is so great!". This week, Chen Zitong battles the stage, the birds uncle gave her the choice of the song is in "The Voice of China" first concert repertoire "shuangjiegun", hope that she can remember the feeling, enjoy the whole stage. The scene is still amazing, in addition to the 10 dance teacher, also invited 8 kung fu boy played the field of electronic nunchaku, also at the same time with the 2 electronic lion dance performance, and strive to create a more overall three-dimensional, highly ornamental visual feast. Read after the show, several instructors is very excited, shouted "you came late last week!" The teacher commented: "Harlem Yu has adapted before the empress" shuangjiegun ", so it is curious and will play what flower. After seeing that!相关的主题文章: