Chengdu people buy a new Volkswagen CC paint was actually because the car wash dxperience

Chengdu people buy a new Volkswagen CC paint was because the car wash vehicles a month ago, consumers Miss Xiao to buy a CC car in the 4S shop is located in Qingyang Industrial Park, but only buy back less than a week, the car began to paint, the reporter saw, this is a the white CC sedan, rear bumper on both sides of the true total of three paint, just bought a new car to fall so much paint? Ms. Shaw said, in a car wash off. Can a car wash the car? It was the first time the reporter heard, see some reporters questioned, Ms. Shaw brought a large bottle of water to wash the bumper. Unexpectedly, the car paint, water washed, hand pull, really have to dig down, not to see, reporters are very hard to believe. Such a thing was to be touched by Miss Shaw, I doubt this is a new car, is not the fault of the car after the re painting sold." However, the 4S store sales staff denied Ms. Xiao speculation, and said to be quality manufacturers, proposed solutions to replace the bumper, but Ms. Shaw’s appeal is to change a new car, the two sides dispute over a whole month without negotiating down. 4S shop responsible person said, the specific reasons still further investigation is car paint, after the results, they will communicate with manufacturer, but it is certain that the change is not possible. Finally, businesses and consumers agreed that the negotiations will be negotiated again next Wednesday. Original title: the new car was painted because the car wash? Recommended reading: Chengdu | unlimited source driver sprinkler car hit the tree rub before the car rear end of 4 tourists in Chengdu in case of water washing official trapped in the middle of the river 8000 yuan to do car wash card left 6000 yuan Chengdu car wash shop suddenly closed to the car wash owner posing cheat keys stole the car three people jailed in Chengdu Chengdu car market price tag should be prohibited provisions close to residential buildings相关的主题文章: