Chengdu, the roof of a residential area, black radio multi sectoral joint end in one fell swoop (vid

Many departments in Chengdu a residential roof hidden black radio to every Duandiao Chengdu local black radio frequency between 87MHz-108MHz, radio frequency transmit power using local radio and Television Department of idle emission many black radio emission signal can be up to 1000W~3000W, covering the common city law enforcement officers in most parts of the proposal the public should be enhanced to resist false drug advertising awareness, but also to be vigilant, found around the black radio report immediately. A silver antenna stabbed into the sky, quietly invaded the regular broadcast frequency, a variety of vulgar medical ads suddenly spread like a virus, the radio will occupy a large and small…… Yesterday, the Chengdu Municipal Commission by letter, public security and other departments joint action, will be hiding in the vicinity of the bull market, a high-rise on the black broadcast end. Chengdu Daily reporter learned that the "black radio" has aroused great attention, our city network information office, the Commission by letter, public security departments repeatedly to punch, increase monitoring efforts to investigate and play "technical superiority waves guardian, let black radio nowhere to hide. > report; open the car radio was from the "explicit" maishen drug advertising in November 3rd at noon, West China Hospital of Sichuan (micro-blog, WeChat) propaganda minister Liao Zhilin drove out, the way he used to open the car radio, did not expect a maishen drug advertising float out, saying "too yellow too explicit, even he blush. "Just before work occasionally heard, did not think of noon yet, is too rampant." Liao Zhilin is old news audience this band, old recently by these ads, angrily in their real name to report on micro-blog, "show nausea, hoping to ban." Soon, Chengdu Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center and found the report information, initially identified as "black radio" in time, "city network information office will be the first time to report information to the Chengdu City Commission by letter radio management office and public security departments." Center staff told the Chengdu daily reporter. According to the City Commission by letter without a tube, after receiving the report, they immediately in conjunction with Chengdu radio monitoring station on the black radio positioning. Monitoring personnel through intermittent waves, the direction of the final lock in the bull market. The 4 day morning, a car on the road in the bull market in stop and go, 4 car radio monitoring, handheld portable monitoring equipment, a carpet search 4 hours in this area, the signal will take them to the Kam Road No. 568 Morgan center 37 floor. The understanding to the property management, because the floor is full of rental housing, in order to avoid monitoring personnel quickly act rashly and alert the enemy, the matter to the police report. The two sides agreed to take action in November 7th. Track > black radio antenna by a carefully disguised remote lock locked rental housing over 9 yesterday morning, the City Commission by letter without tube and radio monitoring station and several Jinjiang police came to the Morgan center 37 floor. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters rushed to the scene to see the 37 floor corridor structure, more households. Law enforcement officers can only take the power off test mode, the location of the signal to be confirmed. But strange big相关的主题文章: