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China astronauts in space when the "vegetable" examination found two "artery" – Beijing, the original title: the astronauts reside palace and Shenzhou spacecraft combination has more than and 20 days in space in November 13th, when the "vegetable" from the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft with Tiangong two space laboratory automatic rendezvous and docking success, has been in the past more than and 20 days. Astronaut Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong in the sky too? Is the task going well? Take care of the astronauts spend at least 10 minutes to lettuce in the heavenly palace every day, the heaven has a "vegetables" task. Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong will be in 30 days time, the cultivation of lettuce in this life is very common vegetables. Chinese Astronaut Research and Training Center Environmental Control Associate Paul graduate Wang Longji introduced: "the choice of the cultivation of lettuce for several reasons: one is the growth cycle of lettuce is a month, this time on time is just 30 days; the two is on the ground of lettuce planting technology more mature; three is the edible lettuce. In the experiments on follow-up can be used as food; four is lettuce is a common plant, is conducive to the popularization of." In November 11th, Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong did a number of routine care, including the detection of the cultivation of the substrate moisture content, nutrient content, light irradiation and injection into the matrix into the air. They will use an instrument to measure the moisture content, if the index is low, it means that the need to water lettuce. The air is injected into the fresh air for the growth of the plant. Jing Haipeng wrote in his diary: "we are like the" farmers "of space, at least 10 minutes a day to take care of lettuce." In addition, the use of space for lettuce matrix and ground soil in space with the vermiculite. Wang Longji said that vermiculite is a mineral water, it is very good, in which the water conduction is very uniform; in addition it density is small light weight, easy to carry god. Plant cultivation from the astronauts into the combination of second days has begun, they first need to install the cultivation device, like building blocks, the device assembly into a white box. Wang Longji introduction: white device firmware is 3D printing, are nylon material, relatively lightweight, white and green form a sharp contrast, visual effect is also very good." Followed by watering, sowing, laying plastic film, etc.. On the morning of the fifth day, the seeds germinated. Jing Haipeng wrote in his diary: at that time, I and Chen brothers are very happy, the first time the good news to the ground staff. We took a lot of photos, but also with lettuce sprouts photo." After germination, the astronauts will be installed on the top of the white device to open the light, to provide light lettuce. The light is made up of three colors: red, blue and green. Wang Longji said that the uptake efficiency is very high under red light to red light, grow well; the green because of its exposure to the lettuce, the visual effect is very good; blue is has strong effect on plant morphology and stretch. Lettuce into the growth period after the light相关的主题文章: