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China Overseas Chinese organizations in Latin America’s 19 leaders of Gansu project – Beijing, China News Agency, Lanzhou, August 29 (reporter South Zhuoma) organized by the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council China forty-fourth overseas Chinese community leaders Seminar on 29 classes in Lanzhou, this is the first time for the Latin American region organization leader of group learning, in order to promote located in the "Silk Road Economic Belt" golden section of Gansu and the region’s economic and trade cooperation, promote exchanges between the leaders of Latin American exchange association. During the period of eight days of training, taught by the overseas Chinese Affairs and Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the teacher of Lanzhou University, covering Chinese history and traditional culture, economic situation and Chinese "The Belt and Road" construction, cross-strait relations, diplomacy, Chinese Chinese policy on overseas Chinese Affairs and practice course. In addition, overseas Chinese leaders will also visit Lanzhou, Tianshui "Silk Road City", seek cooperation opportunities. "This is the progenitor (membership) keep connected China and overseas Chinese good way, also let us understand the domestic situation." Dominic overseas Chinese Association of the Preparatory Committee for the first time Zhu Zhonghua came to Gansu, for China northwest have found more surprises ". Found in the Dominic investment in manufacturing he, Gansu equipment manufacturing technology at the leading level, catch up with the "The Belt and Road construction policy in good time, good prospects for cooperation. Mexico Mexico friendly association secretary general Liang Qimei told News Agency reporters, the first class that Gansu is a big province of Chinese medicine resources and energy, chemical industry, manufacturing industry and other resources, suitable for many overseas Chinese businessmen to invest. "After returning home, will do a detailed analysis to the overseas Chinese to introduce the latest China support of overseas development policy, the introduction of Gansu resources and investment environment." According to the state office staff Song Chongsheng introduced the overseas Chinese community leaders have held 44 workshops, the Department organized for the first time in Latin america. He said, "with The Belt and Road" construction, trade between Latin America and China more frequently, more space for cooperation. At the same time, in order to promote the construction of overseas friendship between overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese community harmony and peace. Gansu Province, deputy director of the office of overseas Chinese Affairs Tang Xiaoling at the opening ceremony said that in recent years, more and more new overseas Chinese with high technology and advanced management concept, through various forms of home business or to serve the country, set up economic entities, and promote the healthy development of domestic economy. (end)相关的主题文章: