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"Chinese family" "the old red net" laugh Festival Entertainment Sohu – 82 year old grandmother into the "old red net entertainment Sohu" National Day has just passed, will usher in a festival. This period of Liaoning satellite TV "China family" specially invited two groups of the vigor of the old family, a group of red net Zou Songyu family, a group of "dragon stick" a world of the Du Zhenhua family, although the two old men are seven, eighty years old, but live than young people and spirit, they have what’s the trick to keep? Please lock the 21:10 tonight, Liaoning TV "China family", especially with feelings of life in old age. Retired people invented the "fitness weapon" Du Zhenhua from Hebei, although it has reached the age of 70, but the color is very good, the trick is his "dragon stick". This is his own invention of fitness tool: the hands of each with a stick, the right to hit the left can be picked up the stick. Do not underestimate these sticks, but it is not easy to start, a few guests playing for a long time did not learn enough to see the old man Zhen Hua. In addition to a stick picked up, Du Zhenhua is also the scene of challenging action, 42 pounds to the onion, shovel, the racket is picked up, a eye-opening, as the acme of perfection. The old man Du Zhenhua in the end because of what kind of opportunity of invention "dragon stick"? Is there any interesting story in the middle? How is the development of dragon and Phoenix stick "? The show will be announced for you. The 82 year old grandmother into the "old red net" and granddaughter play short video national advocate of the Internet industry, not only among young people has become a fashion, the elderly also join them. The second group of family Zou Songyu’s grandmother, is a net red, and her daughter interact with a series of funny little video on the Internet became popular. Although the grandmother is 82 years old, but the old heart is not old, there is a girl heart. Beauty, amusing, versatile, small video each point of praise and trigger hot friends, it is "the old red net". Do you want to know the old lady is how to go online red this road? What is the usual state of life so interesting? Please watch tonight 21:10 Liaoning TV "China family", the two man to accompany you in fine fig a special festival.相关的主题文章: