Chinese Prime Minister for more than half a century for the first time an official visit to Cuba sub coscoqd

Chinese Prime Minister for more than half a century the first official visit to Cuba "three" – sublimation news agency of the new network in September 18 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Jiang Tao) Chinese and Cuba established diplomatic relations more than half a century, the Pearl of the Caribbean will usher in the first official visit of prime minister China. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will attend the seventy-first session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on September 18th to 28, a series of high-level meetings, and an official visit to Canada and cuba. This will be the first official visit to Cuba in 56 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Analysts pointed out that the visit will help to the "good friends, good comrades and good brothers" sublimation, closely linked to their own development strategies, tap the potential of pragmatic cooperation. Cuba is the first Latin American and Caribbean country to establish diplomatic relations with china. Referring to the relationship between the two sides, the current evaluation of both sides of the current commonly used has a solid foundation, rich in content, energy, we can see, in recent years, the relationship between the high level in recent years to run and continue to make new progress. Currently, Cuba focus on economic model update, while showing a diversified trend of diplomacy, more important role in China, the relationship between the two countries are facing new opportunities for development. During the visit, Premier Li Keqiang will meet with President Raul, to explore the continued deepening of the traditional friendship between the Middle East and promote cooperation in various fields in the middle of the ideas and initiatives. The two sides are expected to sign nearly 30 cooperation documents, involving economic and technical, financing, production capacity, quality, environmental protection and many other fields. The leaders of the two countries will also attend the theatrical performances jointly organized by the two sides. Over the years, China firmly supports the development of Cuba, support the two sides to carry out in-depth cooperation. Deep understanding of the middle ages, mutual trust is very firm foundation. This is the greatest advantage of China’s cooperation with cuba." Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Wang Chao recently talked about the advantages of cooperation in the middle ages said. At present, China is Cuba’s second largest trading partner, Cuba is China’s largest trading partner in the caribbean. However, although the rapid development of economic and trade relations in the middle ages, but from the whole Latin America and the Caribbean, the volume is not great. "The Cuban government and people very much hope that Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s visit can promote the development of the strong economic and trade relations." Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Latin American researcher Xu Shicheng said. In 2015, Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s first visit to Latin America, put forward the "3× pull production cooperation; 3" mode, namely, electric power, building a logistics information channel three; benign interaction between enterprises and society, the implementation of government three three; expand the financing channel, credit, insurance fund. Specific to Cuba, Chinese enterprises are actively involved in the construction of the Santiago de Cuba port expansion project. In Xu Shicheng view, Cuba’s manufacturing and infrastructure is relatively backward, in the middle of the 3× 3 in the new mode of cooperation in the production capacity, the broad space for cooperation. The friendly interaction between the leaders of the middle ages, it seems that the United States is always accompanied by geopolitical interpretation. In this regard, Wang Fan, vice president of China Foreign Affairs University, said the Chinese side sincerely hope that the parties out of the narrow Geopolitical Perspective, focusing on win-win cooperation, a total of promoting peaceful development. He noted that China相关的主题文章: