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.puters-and-Technology Organizations today need to constantly adapt to the ever changing technological landscape and streamline their IT processes according to the business demands. SAP offers some great job opportunity for prospects, both as SAP functional consultant as well as SAP technical consultant. With abundance of brands across the world adopting SAP as their preferred ERP solution, the demand for SAP experts has swelled, making it one of the most remunerative domains to work in. The SAP professionals, who have a background in sectors such as finance, supply chain management or customer relationship management, are more likely to focus on functional side of SAP. Whereas on the technical side, there can be two career options: SAP developer and SAP Netweaver Engineer. It is ambiguous to choose from. Hence, it’s helpful to think of SAP consulting as a .bination of two important skill sets: SAP implementation experience and enterprise consulting experience as well. It’s not always easy to acquire both these skills at the same time. In the 1990s, you could sometimes get trained as a SAP consultant while getting your first SAP exposure at the same time, and all you needed was a certification. But those days are gone and that doesn’t exactly hold true nowadays. For SAP jobs in today’s market, it is quintessential that you have SAP implementation experience under your belt, which effectively translates into a 2-4 year hands-on experience on a SAP project. But typically, this experience is only possible if you have worked full time in an organization. Is there an alternative? UWINPro is a leading IT training and IT consulting .pany based in Toronto, Canada with a valuable experience of over 20 years in this field. UWINPro provides individual as well as corporate training in business IT and serves some of the leading brands. UWINPro IT training solutions include: SAP Education, SAP HANA training, SAP basis training, HANA certification, Linux training, UNIX .mands training and other business objects training. UWINPro offers array of sap course which can be further customized to meet an organizations need. UWINPro is also well renowned name in the business IT consulting arena, besides IT training. The consulting solutions provided include: SAP consulting, redhat Linux consulting, AWS consulting, SAP help, SAP support among others. One’s professional portfolio gets a major value addition with SAP certification and goes a long way in helping them shape up their career. A professional can continue with his education even after a SAP consultant. There’s no right age to learn, as they say! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: