Christopher Watts intends to join the science fiction film gunnm ca1805

Christopher Watts intends to join the science fiction film "gunnm" Christopher Watts Sina entertainment news Beijing on August 25th news, according to foreign media reports, Christopher Watts (Christoph Waltz) is in talks to join the "gunnm" (Alita:Battle Angel), the film is the twentieth Century Fawkes and James Cameron (James Cameron) Science fiction has been planned for a long time. The film will be released on July 20, 2018. "Gunnm" according to energy-saving creation of the name of the Japanese anime adaptation. The story is set in the year twenty-sixth Century – 300 years after the end of the war, the protagonist is a garbage heap was found in the half man and half machine girl Alita, she completely lost the memory of their own life. But her body has the fighting blood, so she became a bounty hunter. The nature of the Alita is very good, but a lot of trouble with her pride and her victory. In addition to her excellent mecha skills, strong fighting force to keep fighting for her fate. Starred in "hot": Maze Walker 2 trials (The Maze Runner:The Scorch Trials) 30 year old American actress Rosa Salazar (Rosa Salazar) will be played "Alita". Christopher and Watts’s role is doctor Addison (Doctor Dyson), he was rescued from the ruins of Alita, is her parent. James Cameron (James Cameron) early in the filming of "Afanda" before it intends to "gunnm" to the big screen, but the "Afanda" series spent all his time on. So he and Joe Landau (Jon Landau) is now only served as the executive producer, "Robert Rodriguez’s" Sin City (Robert Rodriguez) will replace Cameron’s "gunnm". (NEMO)相关的主题文章: