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Clarkson or any of the Lakers sixth Walton his best defensive team – Sports Sohu Beijing time on October 7th, "the state" reported that the Losangeles Lakers last pre-season first defeat of the Sacramento kings game, the lineup is a little different, the previous starter Jordan Clarkson off the bench, starting five road – Williams, Gilo – Dan Russell Jules, Deng, Randall and Mozgov. Clarkson debut scored 12 points in 20 minutes in the second squad (including two three pointers), 6 rebounds and 1 steals, Luke Walton is most satisfied with the defense of Clarkson, he ran the ball defense, defense and pick the tireless. Walton said: "I told Clarkson, will present the phenomenon in the league this season he, whether he is a starter and Russell partner, or in the second squad, we hope he will become more aggressive and aggressive, hope he can control the ball." The score for Clarkson from 14 years is not a problem, the second round of the total 46 rookie season has started 79 games, averaging 15.5 points behind Kobe Bryant this summer, he won a $50 million for four years. Clarkson: "no matter how much time I play, I can play the game in my own way, whether it’s defensive or offensive. I always keep the attack at both ends of the attack, and that’s what I can leave behind." Walton recently in the challenge let Clarkson become a better defensive player, as the third grade students Clarkson realized in the game in addition to the attack, and defense is more important, to make their own game becomes more comprehensive. Clarkson said that he is now watching the game video, which is an important way to improve his defense. Clarkson admitted that he had not done enough to defend the team last season, averaging 106.9 points per game last season for the Lakers, the number being the last of the top of the 30 teams in the last two games. Training camp, Walton has been stressing the team defense, he praised Clarkson is the team’s best defender, very aggressive and willing to destroy the opponent. (CHE)相关的主题文章: