Commemorate the 120 anniversary of the birth of Teng Tzuhui forum held in Shanghai – China

To commemorate the 120 anniversary of the birth of Teng Tzuhui forum held in Beijing – China News Agency, Shanghai, September 17 in Shanghai (reporter Xu Jing) by the Shanghai New Fourth Army history research will commemorate the birth of Teng Tzuhui, sponsored by the four division Huaibei branch hosted the 120 Anniversary Symposium held in Shanghai 17. The New Fourth Army veterans Ruan Wuchang, Yan Daozhang, Chen Huafeng, Shi Gang, Teng Tzuhui, Deng Huaisheng, Deng Yun, Deng Xiaoyan child, Teng Tzuhui and his friends and other descendants of more than 90 people gathered to commemorate the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries. Teng Tzuhui (1896-1972), is one of the main founders and leaders and Soviet Minxi revolutionary base. The Anti Japanese War and the war of liberation, is the New Fourth Army and the Anti Japanese base area in Central China, East China Bureau of CPC Central Committee, Central Bureau, Central Bureau, Central Plains military, military leaders of central china. After the founding of new China, presided over the military work of South africa. After 1953, he was appointed Minister of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council. He was elected as the eighth and the second Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and vice chairman of the fourth CPPCC National Committee of the Chinese Communist Party of China in. The second son of Teng Tzuhui Deng Yun deep review of the life course of the father. He said his father has a special origin and Shanghai, during the war years, Chen Yi worked with Teng Tzuhui meet together and served as the first mayor of Shanghai, marshal Chen Yi welcomed Teng Tzuhui to guide the work of Shanghai, then the prospects for the development of Shanghai. This is a beautiful memory that father often brings. In the eyes of Yun Deng, father is a noble pursuit of revolutionary, although life experienced twists and turns, but the end Zhengguo, today in Shanghai to commemorate his father, "very meaningful". The same day, the eldest son of Teng Tzuhui Deng Huaisheng with "Teng Tzuhui in Huaibei" 100 to the New Fourth Army history research association of Shanghai city. "Teng Tzuhui, political commissar of the noble character and inculcate influenced my life", the 92 year old Fourth Army veterans Shi Gang recalls repeatedly listening to Teng Tzuhui political commissar of the report, and in his teaching under the guidance of the Anti Japanese War, a deep understanding of truth, improve the awareness of revolution, the healthy growth of the New Fourth Army soldiers strong. The president, the New Fourth Army four division branch of martyr Luo Huilian’s son Luo Chenglian Teng Tzuhui came to miss our situation after the New Fourth Army four division and his concern for the descendants of revolutionary martyrs. Shanghai New Fourth Army history research association Liu Sumin believes that the memory of Teng Tzuhui, we must learn from his firm belief, brave, brave and indomitable revolutionary spirit, pioneering innovation, adhere to the truth, correct mistakes and keep the excellent style of character, and people related by flesh and blood. (end)相关的主题文章: