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Cooperation to upgrade   wings – Politics – original title: cooperation upgrade to join wings reporter Tong Zheng Wei Yonggang in September 11th, the thirteenth session of the China ASEAN Expo and China ASEAN Business and Investment Summit in Guangxi at the Nanning International Exhibition center. The opening of the general assembly to Chinese ASEAN Community of destiny as a starting point, to Chinese ASEAN International cooperation capacity as the focus, with the combination of traditional industries and emerging industries "cooperation engine for curtain props, with 11 people gather wisdom and vision of the" smart chip ", drive in China – ASEAN cooperation wing", with this event "in twenty-first Century to build the maritime Silk Road, to build closer Chinese ASEAN Community of destiny" theme. The ceremony, all guests shake the handle "cooperation engine roaring start. The curtain with guests to "cooperation engine" into the "smart chip", industrial gear turned on the big screen for the intelligent gear. Since 2015, the twelfth session of the Expo held the first international cooperation capacity series of activities since the cooperation with ASEAN China international capacity quickly into the fast lane, East will help international capacity upgrade cooperation, international cooperation has become a powerful "booster capacity". This East will continue to international capacity cooperation as an important content, build all-round and multi-level international cooperation platform to promote productivity, China ASEAN and The Belt and Road along the country to carry out international cooperation capacity. At the opening ceremony, "cooperation engine" will gather energy Kejizhiguang to above the stage "Beidou satellite," drive "cooperation" wing fly. The guests into the "engine" of the "smart chip" soliciting idea. This represents the image of modern intelligent technology chip, reminiscent of the rapid development of China’s science and technology – high-speed rail, aerospace technology, Beidou navigation…… These achievements through the Expo platform, leading Chinese cooperation with ASEAN to upgrade from traditional industry to the information and intelligence industry. In the Expo platform, high-tech cooperation in the field of Beidou technology, high-speed rail, Internet and information port construction of ASEAN Chinese represented a "message just unfolding, the silk road is through time and space, let the Millennium Silk Road renewal, a painted technology cooperation blueprint is already forming. Cooperation engine has been launched, the wings of cooperation slowly. In the new historical starting point, China and ASEAN countries will join the wind wings, soar, show the brilliant new twenty-first Century maritime silk road. (commissioning editor: Cao Kun)相关的主题文章: