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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Corporate level console copy machines, such as the Copystar CS-5530, are intended to not only to handle relentless copy demands of every type, but also to do it faster than any medium grade unit could dare dream. With a blazing fast simplex copy speed of 55 pages per minute, projects that require literally hundreds of pages of output material can be .pleted in mere minutes. Even when duplex copying is utilized for double sided print output, speeds will only lag down to 47 pages per minute, which is still fast enough for almost any work demand. Though a unit of this caliber requires a significant warm up time, in this case: two minutes, it is designed to stay on throughout the entire work day and through the night if need be, making the actual time to first copy only 3.9 seconds, and speed isnt the Copystar CS-5530s only powerful quality. The unit also has incredible memory capacities, including a huge 20 GB hard drive for storage of hundreds of papers worth of data, which can be personalized, and easily navigated through. Furthermore it .es .plete with 128 MB of built in random access memory for multiple project handling. While most platen document glasses out there top out in size at standard legal length and width, the Copystar CS-5530 offers an oversized copy glass of 11 x 17, making it possible to fit enormous media types such as small posters or presentation flyers. You can even copy three dimensional objects such as books and magazines, or anything else with a flat, readable surface. Input data can then be reduced to fit on letter sized paper, or even smaller thanks to the impressive 25% reduction ratio. An enlargement ratio of 400% is helpful when doing the opposite: blowing up small objects, such as business cards or wallet sized photographs, to fill an entire standard sized page. With an output resolution of a stunning 1200 dots per inch, not only will standard text .e out looking crisp, but detailed graphs and charts, even images, will as well. Copy resolution is also admirable, running at a solid 1800 x 600 dots per inch. Scanning resolution is actually quite low when .pared to personal units, topping out at only 600 dots per inch. This is due to the fact that the Copystar CS-5530 is intended for mass product and speed, and can scan letter sized input at a blazing fast speed of 62 pages per minute. The Copystar CS-5530s paper capacity is off the charts, counting in at a total of 4,000 pages consisting of a 2,500 sheet letter sized paper deck, dual 500 sheet drawers, and a 100 sheet multipurpose tray and, even if this massive paper supply begins to run low, paper can be refilled mid process. Surprisingly, when empty, the unit weighs just barely over one hundred pounds, allowing it to be moved around the office without a cumbersome hassle. With a built in duplex unit and document processor as standard included hardware, additional add on purchases may not be necessary, though expect to pay into five figures for the Copystar CS-5530 itself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: