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Courtois: I was half Spanish and I will be returning to La Liga [] Premier League showdown between the star sooner or later goalkeeper David De Gea PK Courtois saves Courtois miss the season in La Liga sports news September 20th, Tencent, serving Chelsea (data) of the Belgian goalkeeper Courtois accepted an interview with Spain "Marca", the Chelsea goalkeeper never played 3 seasons Atletico, and said he was half Spanish, also claimed that one day will return to LA liga. When Chelsea was on loan to Atletico Madrid, Courtois played well to win the Champions League, has helped sheets Legion King’s cup and the European Super Cup, the Spanish champions, has also reached the Champions League final. Courtois said that it is the effectiveness of Atletico 3 years, so that he has a great growth in both as a person or a player. Many people do not know, time is not the origin of small Courtois, Chelsea goalkeeper said: "when I was 10 years old, played left back, and the performance is very good, I also played volleyball, but since the age of 16 I grow up to 1.93 meters, I gradually went up the road, I think that a few not only I exercise flexibility, also improve my footwork, and I love to jump up after feeling." When asked at the beginning to become what the goalkeeper, he said: "I always see Buffon and Van Der Sar, in order to look stronger, I often go to the gym, but because I was too high, so I look a little thin. When I saw Casillas play for Real Madrid for 16 years, I felt like I was going to be like him one day." "I started my career at the age of 16, when Chelsea wanted me back on loan, but I didn’t need to go back, so Chelsea sent me to Atletico Madrid, which made me very happy. In Spain, I have to learn to see everything, especially the speed of the game, it is the effectiveness of Atletico Madrid’s 3 seasons, let me become the present me." When asked about the validity of Atletico what was learned, he said: "I first learned that the team is always the most important, if each player is best for the team effort, you can win the championship. In the first week to join Ma Jing, because I don’t know Spanish, only a few players can speak English, a bit difficult, but I have little talent in language, although I can hardly speak a word, but they each meal took me to eat, I quickly into the team and made many friends." "Especially Fran, Kirk, Juan, Mario, Felipe, Gaby Costa, Falco, I still keep in touch with them, when I went to Madrid, I always go to see them. I was very sad when I left, but I was very strong, not easily shed tears, Ma Jing is like a big family, I still feel their love." In fact, Chelsea had to return to Courtois said: "in Belgium, Ma Jing after the second season, Chelsea wanted me to come back, Mourinho called me, but I need more time to play, so I asked for one more season, and we finally won the league, but also in the Champions League Chelsea." When asked whether or not相关的主题文章: