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Crazy car city Shenzhen international auto show theme park in October 1st, a huge benefit Car Buying feast Shenzhen International Auto Show will be struck again, is still the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, but still is a new carnival theme, this will subvert all previous Carnival Elements into the new theme park museum There was no parallel in history. potential to the entire theme park to show the whole. Not only play hall show car, only happy here is only crazy, so fun, is so capricious, the Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 3 "crazy car city"   city car "crazy how elaborate"! PART1: Marie kart     super speed close to the ground, turn the drift speed of stimulation, competitive race each other, everyone together, the embodiment of Marie brothers with speed and passion in the interpretation of wild excitement of National Day holiday, and personally customized double karting, bring the child to bring you love Ta tour, a special "car river". Don’t need to play in a kart and distant travel, in the exhibition center, hall 3, crazy city car waiting for you to challenge!           in the outside of an experience of at least 100 yuan or more, here only need $40, or that sentence is fun, want is capricious. PART2: Adou Ki athletic general mobilization     shopping grab the doll, competition shooting, three screen speed racer, children excavator, dynamic dart machine, energy-saving, these usually only go to the playground equipment only, all came to the Exhibition Center Hall 3 Crazy Motor City, don’t try to run around, take the baby. To show, Adou Ki brings you a play enough               ticket purchase money, want to play the long game long PART3: Buzz Lightyear   Photo Gallery;   the former big boy embodiment of the new gentleman, elegant and moral cultivation will be internalized in the heart by heart the lines, rather than look outside to find yourself, know the world; put up a place at the Shenzhen international auto show, who is the guest, convention and Exhibition Center Hall 3 crazy car city MINI Summer photo gallery, by Magical buzz with a unique MINI car and the parent studio, or whether adorable baby bear Dad this moment will always be retained in the photo for the time of the anniversary, tomorrow will grow up, will not come today!                 in order to make you happy, enough to take a PART4 free: white trekker     a ladder, climb uphill, speed, network spider climb, this is not the plot of the movie is not what reality show, but a no limit people are able to participate in the competition through challenge, a challenge game has swept the country equipment – Nissan big city through China tour ShenZhen Railway Station, has come to Shenzhen international car!相关的主题文章: