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"Crazy" refrigerator news anchor to fly frequently broke the legs – Sohu entertainment   "Crazy" refrigerator visit the Oriental TV Sohu entertainment news September 23rd, delicacy variety talk "Crazy" refrigerator will be unveiled Dragon TV Friday 21:35. The program requires the star guests with their own refrigerator in their most real life in the daily refrigerator "memory" accentuates. The 6 top chefs will make use of the refrigerator in the refrigerator to limit the amount of food PK, fierce cooking competition and eventually released a variety of delicacies will bring the audience to enjoy the visual, taste of the double. Show nice "delicious" simple cooking programs and simple interview programs are very common, which will integrate the two, "1+1> 2" effect of the program is not much, "Crazy" is one of the refrigerator. The program had on the ground in Shanghai channel, not only the performance ratings gratifying, also gain a lot of fans, from Louis and our "Jintongyunv" co host, to several distinct characteristics, each one has his good points of top chefs made by chefs, and even a variety of creative delicacy, has become a hot topic for the screen outside. And this week, this file is good and delicious, the show is about to debut every Friday Oriental TV, the good-looking and delicious new experience to bring more viewers. Each "Crazy" to open the refrigerator before recording, program group will guest star home refrigerator "translation" to record the scene, when the "memory" of the white in the world, star guests daily life but also accentuates. But in the understanding of the life story and preferences of guests, 6 top chef consisting of a chef Corps will be limited to 15 minutes of the theme restaurant and the main ingredients used in battle, the chefs must be taken from the guests in the refrigerator. It is not difficult to find, crazy refrigerator tightly around the star of the refrigerator, which is the core of the props, the culinary arts will be a combination of suspense and fun interesting variety interviews, quite interesting. Yu Fei, Li Han "hurt each other" first "Crazy" to have the refrigerator Oriental TV news anchor on the fly, Li Han, in the work of two people is a good partner has an appearance on "hurt each other," Yu Fei said his impression of Li Han is "two, short bar, Li Han immediately the other is narcissistic is stingy and broke the news:" partner for so long, he never asked me to eat a meal. Once in the unit canteen met him, there is also a beauty intern, he is not easy to jump out of a sentence: ‘eat together, brush my card As a result, he found himself without a card!" Yu Fei is from Shanxi, so there are various kinds of vinegar in his refrigerator. But Shanxi does not eat spicy food, but his fridge is some hot sauce, this host Louis, Wan Dini was mercilessly "expose": "because his ex girlfriend is from Sichuan." In the face of "questioning why break" sharp, calm as to fly only stiffly change the subject, said his heart "goddess" is Gao Yuanyuan, but look at the Rio Olympics, now more love supermodel Giselle Bundchen?. However, "Jintongyunv" and it is a good fool, seeing the topic and reversal of "ex"?相关的主题文章: