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Credit card benefits are ignored by most card holders! Now almost every friend will use credit cards for consumption, but few friends will think of using credit card financing. In fact, a reasonable health credit card can not only help you get rid of the moonlight, convenient credit card can help you make money. A gift card, now the bank for the new user card, have corresponding types of gifts, which will move more, you can see there is no love gift card, selective course, this is a one-time after finishing cannot receive. If there is no shortage of money, it is not recommended to apply for a lot of assault banks, after the amount of money you will know that the cry. Two, integral points, usually we are the normal consumption savings points. If you are not a unit of procurement, business people are not often travel, this point you do not care. Usually consume 1000 yuan to get points, the value is in the range of $2 to $4. That is, you spend 100 thousand, you will get the value of $200 to $400 of things, the average person will not exceed 100 thousand of the annual credit card. But if you have the convenience, or your hand card, where to get a set of lossless with integral way, once the number of large, profit is still considerable. The premise is your card limit too low, at least tens of thousands of base, 2000 yuan card and I don’t say their bank points, you really not tired, the operation of a hundred times to give you a letter card. But this thing, there is no long-term, a lot of students playing cards are dead for a month, hungry for a month, but it is an amateur part-time playing cards, the main industry to feed. Want to play good points, first learn to understand the rates will see MCC code, know which bank is integral, which is not what the integral double, sometimes catch activities, even if a small loss of brush is also good. Three, the activities of the bank credit card activities are rich and colorful, a variety of Zhou Zhou brush, overseas shopping back now, and some discount you can not use, or can be sold to others transfer. For example, overseas Shopping for Refund, the provisions of each bank is not the same, but some directly buy AIU gift card on the line, the gift card from the micro damage, get 5% rebate. For example, the bank in 2014 do not know drugs or do, recommended three card to send 600 yuan, six people do card to send 2000 yuan, of course, a few months later replaced by the corresponding value of the plate. Four, a lot of people just invest a large card, so think of this. But ah pro, if you do not understand credit card, brush a few months will be bank risk control, do you think the bank risk control is to eat the cooked rice. Gold investment, investment in the stock market, see the neighbor Aunt Zhang home rose 10% will follow the trend of buying quilt uncomfortable. A lot of professional traders, the average income is about 20%, you do not know where the courage to dare to put money into the stock market, credit card. I dare not James cameron. Here, please use your life outside investment of idle funds, idle! Five, the money is actually invisible, many banks platinum incidental rights are good, especially the VIP room or all kinds of party. For example, you often travel, at the airport and high-speed rail station each bank VIP room, and a person often travel sister, high-end相关的主题文章: