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September 20, 2007. Chicago, Illinois. You’ve got diabetes’ is one of the most terrifying phrases your doctor can utter. Sadly, millions of people, like you and me, hear these three deadly words every day. I’ll bet that your first thought after getting this diagnosis from your doctor was probably How did this happen to me?’ If I were to place the blame on a single problem source, I’d say it’s your routine drinking of sodas like Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper or, god forbid, Mountain Dew. I call these Double Whammy’ beverages. First of all, clinical medical studies increasingly identify sweetened, carbonated drinks as being the single biggest cause of obesity. Secondly, these studies also document that the sweetener used in full flavor Coca-Cola and similar sodas (called high fructose corn syrup) causes an imbalance of chromium in your system chromium being an important trace mineral that helps you normalize your blood sugar level. When you drink 5 or 6 Cokes a day, you’re sucking in over 1,000 calories, and you’re also sucking the chromium right out of your body. The result is a Type 2 diagnosis from your doctor. For years, I worked in the carbonated beverage industry. I developed a 6-Coke-a-day habit. As a result, I was 30 pounds overweight, had high blood sugar levels and felt sluggish all the time. Just by cutting Coke out of my diet, and taking a safe, natural, herbal and chromium-based supplement (your body can’t replenish chromium by itself. It needs supplementation), I dropped 31 pounds and got my sugar levels in a normal range. If you’ve heard the dreaded three-word phrase You’ve got diabetes’ and you want to get your health back, I strongly urge you to take soda out of your diet immediately! Bob Tracy is founder of the web site .www.DefeatDiabetesNaturally.com, devoted to products and information to help Type 2 diabetics get control of their lives. About the Author: Robert P. Tracy is a professional engineer who has a passion for Colorado and technical climbing. Tracy is a member of Proven Results Health, helping diabetics and pre-diabetics live healthier lives. People need support when a doctor says Weight Loss, Diabetic Diet, and Exercise. .www.provenresultshealth.com Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Diabetes 相关的主题文章: