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Dirk: KD’s decision shocked me five new warriors scary old driver who is looking forward to the new season sina sports news Beijing time on September 16th, according to the "Dallas news" reported that the Mavericks star Dirk – Nowitzki in a recent interview about his offseason training in the year. In addition, he bluntly Kevin – Durant to join the warriors decision was shocked. This summer, the 38 year old Dirk has renewed his contract with the Mavericks for a total of $50 million for a total of $2. When asked about the offseason feeling, Dirk said: "I must work hard this summer, because with the increase of the age, training became more difficult for me. But I’m looking forward to going back to the stadium again." "The offseason has been a very long time, our last game is the end of April, I was eager to play again." He continued, "I’m a little nervous about the upcoming training camp. This is a good thing. If I’m not nervous or have no desire, it might be time to retire. But as long as I am still full of expectations for this matter, the challenge of the new season is still full of expectations, it is a good thing." Kevin – Durant’s decision to join the warriors this summer was a surprise to many, including Mr Dirk. In the interview, Dirk admitted that he was shocked by the decision of Adu. "I really thought he was going to stay in the thunder, especially when he played a great playoff game, and they had a 3-1 lead, so I thought he would stay." Dirk said, "I think it’s a big surprise. A team that won 72 games in the regular season was one of the best players in the NBA and I would say it was a surprise, but I was happy for him. He made a decision and their game will be very entertaining. Obviously, if they stay healthy, have good chemistry and share the ball, it will be a very difficult team. When Durant hit number four and Green played number five, it would be difficult to defend the small team. They have the best talent in the world." (Rosen)相关的主题文章: