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Do a physical examination and then start the Mid Autumn Festival travel to prepare for travel – Sohu car with the arrival of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, many owners will choose to travel during the holiday to relax the body and mind. Do you need to do a safety check before you travel? Today, the old driver came to tell you what you need to do in the car before driving the basic inspection. Tire tread if injuries must be repaired, not with driving. Carefully check the appearance of each tire, scratch. If it is only a rubber scratch does not affect the use, but if the injury to the inside of the tire line, the general tire tread depth of less than 2mm, it can not be used for long-distance running, it is necessary to replace the new tire. Before measuring each tire pressure (including spare), to determine the normal tire pressure driving. Vehicle standing on the pump and tire pressure gauge, can prepare a bottle of fast mending agent or quick tire repair tools can ensure rapid problem solving in case of an accident. Check whether the jack is working properly, you can prepare a set of electric board hand, so that when you need to replace the tire can also handle their own. Carefully check the consistency of the 4 tires, open on the flat road, do not help the steering wheel, see if you can go straight, if not, you need to do the next four wheel positioning. Through the brake tire Aluminum Alloy visual wheel brake disc surface, if there are obvious grooves, may be between vehicle when some small sand into the brake disc and the brake disc surface fenders have been caused friction grooves appear. In this case, the vehicle may be abnormal when walking, these conditions must be sent to the professional repair shop repair. The suspension suspension examination is mainly to see the shock absorber of vehicle is good, if there is oil leakage is in need of repair. The oil to put the car in a flat place, the car pulled out after the cold dipstick, wipe with cloth then plug in, plug in the end after pulling out, the oil level in the oil dipstick scale minimum limit maximum range can not go beyond the scale interval. Need to consider the local climate of your destination, if the winter to the northeast, it is necessary to consider the viscosity of the oil, you can consult the local maintenance points need to be replaced. Some self-help tool car essential: Jack, 6mm~19mm socket, a Phillips screwdriver, breaking some emergency equipment necessary window tools, such as car trailer rope: warning triangle, fire extinguishers, warning lights and other traffic necessary documents: driver’s license, driving license, insurance and other lighting lamp not only for light, it is also an important tool for dialogue and other vehicles. Lighting to be complete, bright, effective. You need to check the lights including headlights, lights, fog lights, turn lights, and all the brake lights, car lights and other map. If you think your headlights are not bright enough, replace the white light bulb. Including line lights, backup lights, brake lights, turn lights, car lights, fog lights, fog lights especially, if there are problems, need to be changed. There is a scale on the water tank, the water should be kept at the upper limit to ensure good cooling capacity. If you want?相关的主题文章: