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Interior-Decorating The kitchen is, and always has been, the room where food is prepared and is thus an indispensable part of the house. Today, it has been bestowed with greater responsibility. A modular kitchen is now a room that also has a social character. Families meet and eat in the kitchen. They spend time with one another in the kitchen which in many homes is just an extended part of the living room. Nowadays, a prestige modular kitchen is also being used to entertain guests. In short, the kitchen today has gone beyond functionality and progressed to being the nodal point in the house. In this scenario, it becomes necessary to plan and design the modular kitchen to create an ambience of comfort and hospitality. It needs to be functional for daily use and inviting and attractive for entertainment purposes. Building a new modular kitchen or redoing an old one has to be done keeping in mind the needs of the family and the requirements of guests. Plan your kitchen layout well in advance. Decide what you need in detail lighting, flooring, cabinets, walls, counters, kitchen furniture, kitchen accessories, utensils and incorporate these in your final design. Remember that you will spend more time in the kitchen as compared to other family members. Design your kitchen according to your needs, your taste and your convenience. But do involve family members in your planning, if possible even consider incorporating the views of friends who are regular visitors so that their comfort needs are also taken care of. Cleanliness, hygiene, safety, ease of working, adequate working area, comfortable lighting, sufficient storage cabinets need to be factored in when designing your kitchen. Aesthetics plays an important role in design see that your kitchen is pleasing to the eye. Choose colours and accessories that synchronise, not just with one another but also with the rest of the house. Hang pictures or paintings on the walls. Have large windows to let in sunlight and fresh air this re-energises the house and imparts a feeling of warmth and happiness. Plant flowers and herbs in pots and place them on the window sill to add a festive look to the room. You will need to spend a fair amount of time and money in doing up your kitchen. Spend them wisely. Stay within your budget, buy less but buy good quality material even if they are slightly more expensive. Pay attention to details so that you are not short changed at any point. And finally, enjoy doing up your kitchen it will last and it will give you pleasure for many years to come. A modular kitchen price varies depending upon the style, materials used and the space. Also the kind of accessories like the chimney or the burner will be included in the cost. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: