Dongfeng Nissan 2017 road Lok new car officially listed price of 838 thousand yuan-diqua

Nissan 2017 patrol car officially listed price of 838 thousand yuan – Beijing 2017 new way music appearance in new network on 29 September, yesterday, Dongfeng Nissan 2017 patrol new imported cars officially listed, the official guide price is 838 thousand yuan. As Nissan import car 2 "strategic attack battle" flagship model, Tule since 2015 a strong return, with strong king strength, impact China mainstream imported car market. Just one year’s time, to achieve a comprehensive way music to enhance brand image and market sales, sales ranked segments champion. It is understood that, from the first generation to the sixth generation, Tule has experienced 65 years of inheritance and evolution, 2017 patrol in excellent gene inheritance based off-road king, again appearance, interior decoration, technology and other aspects of the new Huan strengthen. Among them, the power side, the 2017 road music with VK56 V 8 cylinder engine, which is matched for the development of large displacement SUV tuning of the speed of the manual transmission. Appearance, the 2017 Lu Le 5164mm× 1999mm× 1955mm super size body, 3074mm long wheelbase. In the new style of hardcore off-road vehicles retained at the same time, to achieve a new design on the front wheels, car, lights, color etc., and create a more aggressive, strong visual sense of high-end fashion. Among them, the most significant increase concentrated in the front, not following the new black honeycomb grille shape, but with a more modern and hard chrome bar. The new design of the LED daytime driving lights and headlamps and other sharp. Front bumper at the new design, so that the overall more rounded distinguished. In addition, NISSAN avant-garde style taillights, domineering engraving type 6 spoke alloy wheels, but also the details in his honor. In body color, 2017 models were added with luxury fashion style of the autumn maple chestnut, meet consumer demand for multiple colors. Interior, the full tank type ultra soft double stitching compact leather interior, flexible and large storage space, to meet the needs of consumers loaded oversized luggage. In addition, three intelligent control screen entertainment system, 13 speaker BOSE audio system, high fidelity three regional independent automatic air conditioning, 6.0L double open car refrigerator, full space atmosphere around the lamp group configuration, the new autumn maple chestnut interior. Advanced science and technology to strengthen the construction of high-tech flagship SUV in recent years, automotive intelligence has become a trend. 2017 Lu Yue in the field of off-road technology with Nissan Pro-Drive off-road technology system and equipped with Nissan’s highest level of security system, a full range of escort intelligent anti-collision security system. Pro-Drive off-road technology system has three cutting-edge technology, is a collection of HBMC hydraulic dynamic suspension system, all terrain intelligent driving system, since the cruise control system in one of the field of off-road technology". The world’s first HBMC hydraulic dynamic suspension system, can effectively absorb the vibration, so that the new car bending stability, shock absorption, grasping the dungeon, any road conditions can be"相关的主题文章: