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Dry cargo face anxiety to join the children early to do? Sohu in June is the rainy season in September, mother, is the school season, at this time, every morning always hear the alley cries of "I don’t go to school", "wow ~ ~" "baby, why don’t you go to school ah", "no, must go to a child like paper after a quarrel is the kind of medium is a kind of Baba Mama paper twisted face, exaggerated facial expressions really really scary for their parents complain tired ah ~ ~ cry, let the children a kindergarten how strenuous effort? Don’t think I would think that you don’t understand the child anxiety will think that children in kindergarten so hard every child just park, the heart will have a little anxiety just a question of how many children understand anxiety, to guide children to school will not appear difficult situation so that the child’s psychological preparation for children parents attachment is very strong, let them leave at one time a day, will make the attachment feel resistance, separation anxiety, insecurity caused by. So in the kindergarten before the parents should choose to introduce the kindergarten with children, so that children can be familiar with the kindergarten in consciousness. Let the children have a sense of expectation for the kindergarten parents should guide their children, so that children think that the kindergarten teacher is a person who can help themselves. Usually pay attention to cultivate children’s self-care ability such as dressing, toilet, eat, help children to increase the psychological confidence after admission. Parents want to adjust the good attitude only parents adjust their mentality, in order to give the baby a positive guide. When the child does not want to go to the kindergarten, many parents often xinruan, shake. However, they are smart, when sensing the parents’ attitude, will strengthen his reluctance to go to kindergarten ideas, but also in the future will be a variety of ways to deal with the soft hearted parents. So parents should grasp a good state of mind, to maintain a pleasant mood, send their children to kindergarten. Guide the children and teacher exchanges because many babies around several class teacher, sometimes, if the baby is not able to express their needs, the teacher may be ignored. So parents should educate their children to learn to communicate with the teacher, what is the need to tell the teacher that the teacher is like a mother to help themselves, love themselves. Ask the children in the kindergarten happy story when the baby came home from kindergarten, parents can ask him in the kindergarten to learn to write what, today is the most happy thing is what, to understand children’s psychological feeling, timely help baby to eliminate some emotional problems.相关的主题文章: