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The civil war had Du Yuming captured, picked up a stone to hit his head fainted [Abstract] Du Yuming saw many old men, ashamed, picked up a stone at the head smashed, wounded and bleeding, fainted. People’s Liberation Army cadres to see the prisoners were disturbed, legend, commander in chief died". The Political Department of Du Yu Liu Tong expressly | Northeast Field Army had sent over a file called "to prevent the enemy officer and officer of the prisoner escape inventory measures", summarizes several characteristics of Kuomintang officers: 1 officers of the fabrics, a fine day badge. On the shoulder epaulettes horizontal band. Although some officers outside for the soldiers clothes, but the inside of the shirt, pants very clean, elegant, too late to change. 2 general officer Liuyang head, hands and delicate, white teeth. 3 there are valuables, such as gold, watches, pens are also very particular about. 4 in order to conceal the identity, afraid of being recognized, stand stand in the back corner of squatting, love. Behavior is not natural, avoid close to our military personnel. Ask a question to play the fool, three do not know, speak with a southern accent. 5 after the capture of the soldiers are still treated as the chief, when someone served him. Eat when others scramble for him not to rob, someone gave him more rice, dare not make him a prisoner don’t speak. 6 documents, claiming to be a small military officer, but for their own positions, salary and colleagues name are not clear. Just ask, will give oneself away. To after the end of the war, the Northeast Field Army Political Department sent troops to the commander of the Kuomintang corps, to apprehend Liao Yaoxiang. It is pointed out that Liao Hunan accent, chunky, myopic eyes. One day, a logistics department found two soldiers wearing rags, shoulders sack "Southern businessman" up the street, a grizzled stout, character and wanted on saying the same thing. The logistics department will detain him. He surnamed Hu, doing business in Shenyang, fleeing back to the war. Of course, these lies to deceive people, ordered to send him jingweilian custody. To the company, a health worker is a liberation soldiers. He pointed to Liao and asked, "aren’t you Liao Yaoxiang? You talked to us during the parade in Xi’an!" Liao Huangmang denied that his face went red. Guards even Lin instructor look in the eyes, thought eight or nine from the ten. On the brim Ladegai Liao her face, only open eyes, lest he come to recognize the former Kuomintang soldiers. Escorting has repeatedly begged let him not to meet the requirements on the sick refused to walk. The logistics department let him take the truck, the driver is also a new liberation fighters, a look and said: "yes, he is Liao Yaoxiang!" In the case of non repudiation, Liao finally bow admitted his identity. The final stage of the Huaihai Campaign, the KMT Xuzhou command deputy commander Du Yuming fled North ". The adjutant gives him shave disguise. They went to the dawn and was captured by the PLA in the nearby village. Eat a full meal after meal, Du Yuming was brought to the political department for examination, responsible for review of the East China Field Army Political Department Director Chen zong. He claimed to be the 13 Quartermaster Corps high civilization. Director Chen smiled and asked: "the 13 Corps has several big? Please write the name of the director." Du Yuming suddenly blindsided, holding the park to write the word. Director Chen see senior pen and watch with him, you know"相关的主题文章: