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South Korea is very popular – death experience, people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn although South Korea, rapid economic growth, but many people do not feel happy, but feel that life is a great pressure, some people even choose to commit suicide. To this end, South Korea from the government to the private sector have launched a "death experience" suspended animation courses and called on the people to cherish life.  , according to statistics released by the South Korean government in February this year, 24.7% of South Koreans have suffered from at least one mental illness in their lives. South Korea’s suicide rate in 2014 was 273 thousand and 100, ranking first in the economic and cooperative organization, which is more than an average of more than two times. Suicide is the leading cause of death among young people in Korea (7.4 per 100 thousand people). In order to let the people cherish life, the correct understanding of death, in recent years, many local governments, universities, social groups and other South Korea launched the death experience project.   "life times" reporter learned that want to participate in the course of national experience of death, the first step is to choose the different projects on the Internet, some groups launched a free experience, while others are based on the number and course content for a small fee. Then, the students put their photos to the organizers made into a "portrait", and at the designated time and place, to experience courses in the classroom, to accept the death education. The speaker will usually course with examples, to tell you the meaning of life and death, the duration of 30~60 minutes. Then, students will come to a stadium, lit candles, sitting in the coffin, with a few minutes’ memories of his life ", and wrote" ". It is reported that, although this "suicide note" and similar letters, but inside is full of students’ perception of life. After that, the student   lying in the coffin, the staff will cover and turn off the lights. Students in the coffin calm thinking about the meaning of life and death, this process will last 2~4 hours.   many students said afterwards, in the coffin, they began to reflect on their own life, beautiful moments in life memories, no longer pessimistic, no longer have the idea of suicide. * (commissioning editor: Gao Yinan, right Juan)相关的主题文章: