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Health Sciatic pain is a result of the .pression of certain part of the sciatic nerve, normally the small nerves beginning at the back bone resulting in dis.fort in the hip, or even leg with numbness and even tingling sometimes also being present. The actual pain is usually unilateral though it can sometimes run down both lower limbs and is described as cramping, distinct and or burning in nature, shooting through the leg sometimes to the feet. Sciatic nerve pain can be made more painful when squatting, coughing, sneezing, sitting, or even standing up for extended periods of time. Typical treatment for sciatica pain is usually injection therapy and also pain-killer. This article is a guide to some unconventional remedies for sciatica including acupuncture-science and acupressure. Home remedies for sciatica such as hayseed and wintergreen will also be helpful for symptom reduction. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture-science but uses pressure applied using the palms and elbows. Typically for modest dis.fort acupressure is enough for pain relief. Acupressure can be provided from a relative or family member. The actual therapy involves applying significant pressure to the areas down the low back and buttocks. The pressure must hurt some but not considerably. My mom in law suffers from sciatica and is pleased with the results associated with acupressure. If acupressure does not work further stimulation is needed and Acupuncture-science may be a more appropriate alternative treatment for sciatic pain. Acupuncture-science is actually an ancient alternative treatment that uses needles to relive pain and other symptoms. The philosophy of acupuncture is that the human body bears energy pathways referred to as meridians. The meridians be.e obstructed and the blockage of energy results in dis.fort along with other symptoms. As an alternative treatment for sciatic pain acupuncture has shown positive results in pain relief. Acupuncture is best suited in relieving unspecified pain as well as inflammation. Oriental angelica is yet another all-natural treatment for sciatica pain. According to mothernature.. in china the Oriental Angelica is injected right into the sciatic pain acupuncture points. In the Us it is generally taken orally as a tea or tincture and placed externally to the body. Oriental Angelica is one of the most well-known natural herbs in Chinese herbal treatments. Jamaican dogwood is another widely used all-natural treatment for sciatica. Jamaican dogwood has a mild sedative and pain reducing characteristics which according to altmd and many additional herbal medicine resources is very useful in the treatment of sciatic nerve pain. People say 3 doses per day will keep the doctor away. Jamaican dogwood is taken orally. Oil of wintergreen is yet another .monly used all natural remedy for sciatic pain. The oil of wintergreen offers a calming effect on your body when applied to the affected places. Oil of wintergreen is poisonous if consumed and should be kept away from kids. These kinds of alternative therapies and natural remedies for sciatic pain work equally well if not better as the traditional sciatica treatment options. The alternative treatments for sciatica do not have the dangerous unwanted side effects that pain killers and surgical procedures do. Just like any kind of medical condition it is always wise to speak with your family doctor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: