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Reference-and-Education The most important and unnerving step in Project Management is the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam. With this fact, you will need to learn a lot about project management and glue them all into your mind – so nerve-wracking! But, you don’t have to worry. If you have a specific and ordered plan, you will surely be successful in passing the PMP Exam with less tension. Let us begin with the first requirement: specific and well-patterned study curriculum. To start with, examine your daily activities. Make a plan on what you will do every day or make time management. However, most people focus on studying and forgetting other important things they also need to do. And by the time they remember those things, they will get very distracted; they lost their focus because they are confused which of their daily activities they need to prioritize. To prevent this situation, give enough time on everything and divide your time daily, wisely. As for studying, especially if you’re doing self-study, there will be a tendency that you will just jump from one lesson to another. You are mixing everything in your brain; and it will be hard for you to understand everything. I suggest that you focus and set your mind on 1 lesson. Aim on understanding that particular lesson, at least a week, before moving into another one. From this strategy, you will be able to manage your time right, lessens the skipping of essential PMP topics and be able to apply what you have learned correctly. Another way in studying is to have a diagram of your goals every week. Worrying what to do next is just wasting your precious time. Therefore, having these lists will make you less puzzled and do things orderly. This idea helps you on concentrating to your lessons more than thinking for your next activity. You could even categorize them. You already have a plan, so all you have to do is follow that plan and .plete it. After that long study, probably you will f.et what you have just learned. However, you could study them again, called Repetition. Reading and studying your lessons many times will help you stick that knowledge into your brain for a long period of time. You could do it through writing them in a paper or reading it out loud over again. The least time you could keep on repeating those lessons is four weeks. Within those weeks, do train yourself in memorizing them especially on times where your brain is awake at most – on early mornings. While relaxing, recall your lessons. I’m sure you will be happy that your mind is set and confident that you will pass the PMP exam. Also, provide yourself with a Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK). Study it and look for key points; the PMP Exam is taking its questions from this manual. Then understand and remember lessons from the PMBOK for the exam. And the most important part in your study curriculum is: Break! Even though you are pressured about studying and memorizing things about Project Management, you still deserved to rest, even just for a while. Have a spare time with your loved ones, have fun with them and make them your inspiration as you prepared yourself for the PMP Examination. Copyright (c) 2011 John Reiling About the Author: 相关的主题文章: