Eleven people are busy with the new network chop hand when 52 year old Maggie Cheung issued the song homefront

We are busy with the double eleven "cut the hand when 52 year old Maggie Cheung issued the song – Beijing, just past the double eleven, everyone is busy in the empty shopping cart, 52 year old Maggie Cheung released the song" Look in My "Eyes in Apple Music, this is her as a singer to enter the music after it the first single released. The song is said to be Maggie Cheung alone lyrics and participated in the arrangement and mix the sound, full of punk, Trip-Hop and electronic elements. Blurred, and even a little tough treacherous style with Maggie Cheung’s smoky voice, and went before the music festival scene in the video is about to hear or feel. Judging from the comments on the Internet, the general audience may not be well received. But for the goddess, to make their life more plentiful and abundant, it is more important. We like Maggie Cheung better. "I have 20 a few movie is a vase singing please give me 20 chance, Maggie Cheung once again in the field of music is pushed in the teeth of the storm, and in 2014 the strawberry music festival. It can be said, Maggie Cheung (Maggie Cheung’s English name) for the first time live performances, almost focused on all the music festival. The results, she threw a messy hair, thin and some phase, with a little not the standard tone in the wind shouted: "I don’t want to." And Xun Zhou have a ratio of smoke voice + tune + forget the words…… Maggie Cheung won the music festival scene almost all "taboo". There are fans listened to 10 minutes and stormed away to direct ridicule on micro-blog for the peace of the world: "you still do not speak". An advance publicity cross-border debut, the results of the annual joke. If you leave, never come back, it’s not Maggie Cheung. Sure enough, after a lapse of one year, she was in the movie "love in the city" with the theme song "if you do not". Write their own songs, just like a pair of independent music. It is said that this song is launched, one just abroad, but she is very concerned about public opinion, and even send a message to ask a friend — how to comment. There are no accidents, the netizen said: "listen to the song in the movie good’s sake, I do not care." Similar sounds hurt the spittle, and without drowning Maggie Cheung music heart. Not her invulnerability to the goddess, but you can find the level, have another stage of life exports, even if outsiders seem crazy stubborn. "It doesn’t matter, I even more than twenty plays are vases, (singing) please give me a twenty chance." At the second Beijing Strawberry Festival, Maggie Cheung said. To find the super production team in the studio to soak for 5 days back to the new single "Look In My the Eyes", listen to the reporter at the beginning of the first three times, like a black car, started stubbornly in the night. Beat rhythm deep breath, deep and powerful as heartbeat; Bass to tone and short phrase distortion fast cycle, stable and reliable, but reflects ho相关的主题文章: