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Everybody wants to know! Yungang Grottoes to see what a Yungang Grottoes (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Cao Lijun) [original title] Yungang Grottoes to see what a Yungang Grottoes in Shanxi province is located in the west of the city of Datong Wu Zhou Nan Lu, since 1500 has been the history of Buddhist art is spreading to the East Chinese, first by a nation with a Dynasty carved into, with a royal style of Buddhist art in the world, is the integration of Chinese and Western culture historical monument in fifth Century. Yungang Grottoes was listed as World Heritage list by UNESCO in 2001. What do you want to visit Yungang Grottoes? That’s what every visitor wants to know. A look: realistic shape, vivid stone Buddha eyes can be said that Yungang Grottoes is a large museum in the second half of the fifth Century China Carving Art Northern buddhism. It ordered display more than 51000 statues of Buddha statues, stone carving area reached more than 18 thousand square meters, in which tens of thousands of Buddha, the largest up to 17 meters, the smallest only 2 cm, especially Yungang Grottoes carved like Chinese grotto statues called a must, as only 10 meters above the 9 statue this is the same period, other Grottoes incomparable. The statues of lifelike shape, vivid eyes upward look, dancing, all reflect the ancient people’s creativity and wisdom of craftsmen put their yearning for a better life are condensed in this statue of Buddha statues, stone carving works of new life giving force. The limited space in the Diaozao Great Buddha, and left the place like the concept is very limited, so that each view stand in the Buddha’s feet must be like, and looked up to see the Buddha’s face, thus forming a strong visual impact: the Buddha tall perfect, such a small, he is this kind of feeling, if not visit the grotto, is in any case can not find. This is precisely the ancient artists of the high places, they use simple tools to create such a brilliant work, so that the Yungang Grottoes in the unique Chinese Grotto art. Two see: stone carving art of comic Chinese the earliest extant which is located in the sixth cave Buddhist story painting. Through the interpretation of 39 stories of Buddhism, enables you to Buddha Shakya Muni Buddha in the process from the birth to have a comprehensive understanding of. The story theme, plot content before and after the echo, convergence of natural stone is extant religious themes in comic treasures. At the same time, in the Yungang Grottoes also carved pieces of Buddha’s life story to publicity, karma, Buddhist teachings, so you have a clear understanding of the Buddhism and spread and development in the Chinese. Three see: Buddhist art to complete the whole process of Chinese of grotto art Chinese in Yungang Grottoes carved in the completion of the whole process. In the early caves of Yungang Grottoes can be clearly seen in some forms of ancient India, ancient Qiuci Grottoes early, but in the middle, outside the statue art style has disappeared, instead of a completely Chinese of grotto art forms, both the structure of the caves, or statues of content and expression are finished with. Speaking of the speed, there are fresh and elegant style of Taihe, will have a significant impact on the surrounding area and other grottoes of Sui and Tang dynasties. The advanced form.相关的主题文章: