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Experts teach you how to treat cerebral hemorrhage caused by hemiplegia and how to treat? Sohu – health for the cerebral hemorrhage, I think we should not strange, especially for older people, cerebral hemorrhage is a kind of disease is very common, many elderly people of cerebral hemorrhage are shunned, because of its great harm to patients, some patients if treatment is not timely, may it will lead to hemiplegia, seriously affect the patient’s life, and some lead to cerebral hemorrhage hemiplegic patients should be how to care, the Shanghai one Bo Dr. Sun Chengyan explain for everybody. 1, for the cause of cerebral hemorrhage in patients with hemiplegia should be strictly observed, to avoid patients with other diseases, mainly observe the patient’s consciousness, mental condition, comprehension ability, expression ability and vital signs (blood pressure, body temperature, respiration, pulse and pupil change) and record. 2, in order to keep the patient’s limb function gradually decline, hope that the family can help the patients to do some simple activities, in order to maintain the functional position: the wrist should be appropriate to keep a slight bend at the same time, pay attention to limb passive activity and massage to prevent ankylosis and deformity. 3, hemiplegia, patients unable to walk, will often stay in bed, so that nursing staff should stand up, on time to prevent bedsore patients with hemiplegia, limb disabled ice and hot water bag scald, antifreeze. 4, in order to maintain airway patency in patients with hemiplegia, nursing staff can be expected to turn over time for patients, it is best to pat the back in order to facilitate expectoration, if necessary, can be manually assisted sputum. 5, the nursing staff should guide and help patients to complete their daily activities, such as: take off clothes, wash, eat, etc.. So in the face of hemiplegia, in addition to the above introduction of the nursing method besides what treatment method can make patients recover well? Dr. Sun Chengyan explained: in the rehabilitation of clinical practice, to solve most of hemiplegia after spasticity by drugs and rehabilitation and not good practices, and simple rehabilitation and drug treatment to rebound after the recurrence of the problem. By FSPR (selective posterior rhizotomy) surgical treatment, can effectively reduce the excessive increase in muscle tension, and not easy to rebound. In view of the clear cause and effect relationship between the muscle tension and the contracture deformity, it is necessary to correct the deformity after the muscle tension is relieved, so as to ensure the recurrence of the deformity. Therefore, the typical spastic hemiplegia patients are suitable for FSPR operation. FSPR operation is the function of selective posterior root separation and disconnection of God, also known as " surgical " cerebral palsy; on the spinal cord, nerve stimulator, EMG monitoring, highly selective cutting of La fiber, eliminate afferent muscle, relieve muscle spasm, relieve muscle spasm, cerebral palsy has become the most improvement in motor dysfunction effective method. The utility model has the advantages that: the utility model has the advantages of complete elimination of convulsion, good effect of reducing muscle tension, and retention of sensory function. For cerebral hemorrhage leading to hemiplegia how to care and treatment methods are introduced to this, home bias.相关的主题文章: