Exposure jinyingquan leave at the end of the season in Europe does not exclude South Korea Hengda ba-candle june

Exposure jinyingquan leave at the end of the season in Europe does not exclude South Korea Hengda backs – Sohu cited 2016 sports season end, achieve super Hengda 6 consecutive FA Cup finals. For Hengda, the 2017 season should be how to adjust to become quite eye-catching topic. It is understood that Kim will leave at the end of the season, Hengda will also be looking for New South Korean foreign aid instead. Alan in the competition with the J horse in the upper hand, Hengda should be how to deal with J horse, has become a topic of concern. Jin Yingquan received numerous honors in Hengda, for jinyingquan, to play in Europe is his occupation career dream. Although the 2015 season, Jin Yingquan with the constant renewal of 4 years, but in fact the jinyingquan contract has a buyout clause, Hengda proposed 10 billion won (56 million yuan), Kim believes Hengda price too high. After consultations, but also reached a price acceptable to both sides, but the specific amount is unknown. If Kim went to Europe to play, Hengda must choose new foreign aid in asia. The current situation, the more inclined to choose South Korea foreign aid. But the new aid is not necessarily if the guard, if a defender or a generalist, Hengda can also accept it. J horse was injured after they lost the main position, Alan seize power and has a good play. Alan with Hengda into better, more dynamic and impact on the field, for the time being, the possibility of leaving the team is undoubtedly greater, Alan. But the J horse worth up to 42 million euros, after he joined Evergrande has not play its due role, it also makes people disappointed. Naples had hoped to introduce the J horse, but did not want to assume such a high transfer fee. J horse will continue to wear the bench, or was sent off Hengda, which is also a question. In terms of assistance, Heng will continue to choose the potential shares, which is still the first choice for young players playing in europe. In addition, Hengda will accelerate the pace of internal mining, more from the echelon to explore useful young players. (Ariel)相关的主题文章: