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Exposure to Hong Kong Shanghai poaching Terry Boas Lichelsea Terry and Boas of the reunion of generals Chelsea and can be in the super reunion? Sina sports in accordance with Chelsea’s tradition, over the age of 30 player’s contract is a continued for a year, like the original strong such as Lampard, Cole Ashley, the heart of the defence team, could not escape the "inhibition", of course, too, the Standford bridge Tiexue captain Terry in May this year, Terry rejected from the super and Middle East invitation finally chose the nouveau riche, and Chelsea for another season. Today, the 36 year old Terry is still Chelsea’s spiritual leader, last summer, he rejected a huge contract from Hong Kong in 12 million a year, finally chose to stay at Stamford Bridge to help struggling Chelsea one more year. But now, with the release of coach Conti’s 3-4-3 formation, the former absolute leader Terry gradually fade out of Chelsea’s starting line-up, now he can seriously consider their own "future". From the "mirror" of the news that the Hong Kong Club in Shanghai has just appointed manager of Boas, has issued an invitation to the former disciple, the Hong Kong Shanghai hopes in Europe in the January transfer window reopens when will the England legend to the super game. The newspaper said, in the face of the huge invitation, Terry will probably choose at the end of the season, after the summer of 2017 and Chelsea’s contract expires to leave, after all this season the blues record rebound, Terry hopes to put together the last Premier League champions of their occupation career. It is worth mentioning that Terry’s former teammate Ramirez Chelsea and Ba, are now in effect. (Alduin)相关的主题文章: