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Babies-Toddler When should my child start a success program? The short answer is: As soon as possible. Why do I say this? A childs development cannot be put on hold. He or she will learn something new every day, and you want to make sure the information learned is structural and positive. You can take control of your childs destiny when you understand that everything is an influence. That said – most sport programs, such as gymnastics, dance, martial arts, and league sports, are best learned around school age. The main reason is the attention span because children will have a hard time learning while jumping up and down, break dancing off the floor, and talking at the same time, as the teacher. Until your child is able to let go of your hand and learn independently, you are spinning your wheels in some activities. We work with children who are four and five years of age, but most of the time, this age group learns basics. In regard to learning Yoga, most of them are having fun and playing Yoga games. In regard to martial arts, most kids at this age group are learning formations, basic kicks, basic blocks, basic strikes, and to pay attention. At the age of four and five, the child who learns more is the exception. However, children rapidly change from year to year. The child, who cant seem to sit still one year, can suddenly be.e a great student the next year. This is why patience is so important for parents. There are a number of factors that make up a childs world. If there is a breakup between parents, a death in the family, or another family crisis, this will affect a childs ability to stay motivated and focused. As concerned parents, we may have to invest personal time being a tutor of success skills, until our child is ready to work within a group. Cant I just wait and let my child make up his or her mind? Sorry to say, it does not work that way. I have seen parents who let their children control their own destiny. If you allow a child to control his or her destiny, the path of least resistance will be followed most of the time. In this case, there will be very little structure, motivation, and ambition will be lost. This is also a good formula for creating under achievers, with poor social skills, and very few constructive life skills. This is why children have parents. Hopefully, we have learned from our own mistakes and can warn and gently guide our children about the many obstacles in life. A well thought out success program for early child development is a formula for achievers. Children cannot develop properly on auto pilot. Copyright 2005 Paul Jerard / Aura Publications About the Author: 相关的主题文章: