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Fan Debiao SMG analysis: canzhen free points yesterday queen Fan Debiao gives free single [Chavez. Abamectin! Red again, draw a good return, Fan Debiao column free single 3 red! Click on the top right corner of the column [attention] button, pay attention to Fan Debiao column to enjoy the daily benefits!! 020  vs [Friday; Queen Brent Fuld] QPR, England veteran team, how many years of ups and downs, now stable in the championship in the middle. Queens Park Rangers currently record to 545 ranked thirteenth championship, the last round away 0-1 defeat to Sheffield Wednesday, by the end of five unbeaten league. In the last 11 rounds, only one of the 1 Games scored more than one goal in 1 games. This season with 16 goals in 11 grain through the ball into the position, ability to position the ball is still worthy of recognition. Last season Austen will front back and forth out, this season is pure no one available, with the continuation of the weak attack from season to season lineup, the main defender Hal and Bidwell absence will cause a fatal blow to the rear, originally defense performance is not too stable, the main air defense forces this is also the team’s two people. Another team spectators Brent Ford. A league facing the average strength of Barnes Leigh was 2-0 after blasting, the decline extended to 4 games unbeaten. Lost 5 goals during the period, only scored 1 goals, the overall state is quite low. It is worth mentioning that the team striker Hogan played 11 times, arranged the team all 19 ball 8 ball, top scorer in second, firepower, single point of attack is to avoid the embarrassment of not scoring encounter, it is difficult to see a single card. The considerable strength of the two teams, the better state, the more complete lineup, the basic fundamentals is 55, can turn to the Queen’s home court advantage this time. SMG recommended: do not let the ball 31, the score of eggs: 1-0 0-0 more information please pay attention to the public, Fan Debiao WeChat fdb508相关的主题文章: