Fang Yuan was king of woman status, but they would like to thank Aaron Kwok not to marry

Fang Yuan was "king of woman" status, but they would like to thank Aaron Kwok not to marry grace public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: 818: after they leave the Guo king find happiness Information Times News (special article by Guan Anqi) Aaron Kwok [micro-blog] some time ago held 15 concerts in Hongkong, his girlfriend Fang Yuanlian saw 8 games, a high-profile appearance she is wearing designer is wearing a diamond ring, also won the Aaron Kwok limousine service, meal with the king of relatives and friends together, is widely regarded as the "king of woman" has firmly secured the throne. But Aaron Kwok’s predecessors recently but with its own emotional experience to tell you, no "Mrs. king" of the name can be the full sense of happiness. Xiong Dailin [micro-blog] and Hongkong businessman Guo song has applied for registration of marriage; Christy Chung [micro-blog] with a small 12 year old boyfriend Zhang Lunshuo wedding will be held in November 8th; Gou Yunhui with Malaysia Tin King’s descendants is to talk to…… Gou Yunhui intimate interaction between Gou Yunhui and King Tin later March 2013, Aaron Kwok and Xiong Dailin also did not break up, there are reports that the car Guo King appeared in the Gou Yunhui apartment downstairs, after Gou Yunhui was not afraid of gossip also appeared in Aaron Kwok’s concert, sex scandal single Aaron Kwok and Gou Yunhui’s full year. Although Guo King remains mysterious dating principle, but Gou Yunhui has won the Aaron Kwok broker Kenny affirmation, and small frequently out is also regarded as the "siege" evidence of success. In third the infamy unbearable pressure of Gou Yunhui, suffering from thyroid disease causes weight soared, and eventually Aaron Kwok farther away. In recent years, Gou Yunhui has been busy with weight loss, at the beginning of this year has achieved initial success, recently appeared every time can be seen a little thin. Restore hot curve Gou Yunhui peach blossom also follow back. This year Gou Yunhui has with Hongkong two rich generation Tang Jiacheng, Ye Hanhua scandal, and recently, she was photographed with suspected Hongkong Malaysia tin magnate Lu You descendants Racer Christine and intimate dating. Reported that Gou Yunhui recently and two boys watch electro dance music Road to Ultra, one of her brother, a seemingly Christine and. Looks like Christine and man pulled Gou Yunhui to the stage to see the show. After two VIP is leaning against the side of the railing to chat, said the man was head toward Gou Yunhui, kissed her once more, in the ear that kept saying quietly. In this regard, Gou Yunhui said the only two people are "friends" for its close interaction between men is not Lu Gonghe, she avoided, only said: "I go with a group of friends." Although Gou Yunhui does not recognize love, but she said that life is not a lack of suitors, at this stage there are suitors, but do not want to talk about private things." Christy Chung Zhang Lunshuo’s November wedding is expected to be more happy 46 year old will be held in the year of November 8th, and the little girl, the age of 12, the wedding of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of. The day before yesterday, Christy Chung in the micro-blog show their birthday party photos do other opera. It is reported that this birthday party is specially designed by two people to delineate the Peking Opera facial makeup teacher to help the guests to make up相关的主题文章: