Farmers in Jiangxi County arrested someone videotaping County gifts will be leaving the Sohu news incubus

Farmers in Jiangxi County arrested someone videotaping County gifts will be leaving the Sohu news in September 8th, the Yichun municipal Party Committee Organization Department of Jiangxi issued a leading cadres before their appointment, the 44 year old former deputy secretary of Jiangxi high municipal (county level) Deng Yongchuan (1972.7) to be appointed Deputy Secretary of Jiangxi Wanzai County candidate to be nominated as a candidate in Wanzai county. This means that the public, former Wanzai County Deputy Secretary of the county Chen Hong will be leaving. Chen Hong (1963.8) is a new person in Jiangxi, in August 1984 to participate in the work, in March 1987 joined the Communist Party of China, University degree. He served as the Jiangxi Zhangshu (county-level city) Municipal Committee, vice mayor and other staff, in 2011 became the Wanzai County Deputy Secretary of the county. Two months ago, the Yichun municipal Party Committee Organization Department released in July 17th leading cadres before their appointment, election this year in the urban areas of the county Party chief, Chen Hong, deputy secretary of the Jiangxi province Wanzai County, aspiring Jiangxi province Wanzai County Deputy Secretary candidates to be nominated as candidates for Wanzai county government of Jiangxi county. Surging news from Wanzai County Office and Wanzai County People’s Congress learned that a meeting of the Communist Party of Chinese Wanzai County Fourteenth Congress and Wanzai County of the Sixteenth National People’s Congress is not held, there is no elected new leadership team. It is worth mentioning that Chen Hong is one of the 2013 "farmers videotaping County gifts was the protagonist of the event. According to the "Southern Metropolis Daily" reported that the 2013 Mid Autumn Festival, Wanzai natives Wang Donggen and son Wang Jinliang climbed across the Wanzai county magistrate Chen Hong old house, took many people to the county home video and photo gifts. Unexpectedly, after taking the video for 18 days, Wang Donggen and Wang Jinliang were taken away by the police in Wanzai county. Wanzai County Public Security Bureau pointed out that in June 2014 issued a prosecution submissions, Wang Donggen by his son Wang Jinliang mustered two labor and social idle staff evil gang, Wang Jinliang and Wang Donggen were suspected of organizing and leading the crime syndicate". Reported that in July 17, 2015, Wang Donggen case verdict, but the Public Security Bureau of the county and the Mafia Crime arrests gifts Wanzai County videotaping events have not appeared in the book of judgment. However, the Yuanzhou District Court of Yichun city found that the original Wanzai County Health Bureau Wang Donggen photographed playing mahjong, blackmail, Medicare reimbursement insurance cheat and exaggerated injuries after a traffic accident that hit the behavior constitutes a crime, the crime of fraud, blackmail and impose exactions on the crime of affray, Wang Donggen was sentenced to six years imprisonment, fined 15 thousand yuan. Wang Donggen refuses to appeal. In January 12, 2016, Yichun City Intermediate People’s court made the case of second instance verdict, "three crimes" less crime of affray, reduce half sentence.相关的主题文章: