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A number of network platform for the sale of Faye Wong concert ticket scalper: do not be fooled – in September 9th, singer Faye Wong announced that this year will be held in Shanghai in December 30th concert. The news caused a small stir. Reporters in Taobao, watercress, micro-blog and other social networks to see, there are reservations Faye Wong concert tickets, the emergence of cattle. These tickets are selling cattle hanging posters, said the payment of the deposit can be booked tickets, as well as cattle called internal operation guaranteed to get tickets, booking the sooner the better position. Deposit amount from 200 yuan, ranging from $2000 to $500. In this regard, Faye Wong broker continuous release news that the concert tickets sale time is uncertain, there is no commissioned agencies and individuals on sale, to remind fans not fooled. The reporter multi day network platform pre-sale inflated tickets Faye Wong announced the concert news, the broker said that the concert tickets for the highest price of 7800 yuan, the lowest price to 1800 yuan, clarified million tickets before the net transfer rumors. But a lot of friends said, you have to get your ticket again, anyway, to sell tickets, even if the price is high, after the concert worth this price". Fan Zhou Jian began to pay attention to the thing from the ticket after hearing the news, "Faye Wong powder for several years, these years she has not had a concert, did not release the album, new year performances must concern many people." In order to be able to secure tickets, Zhou Jian joined a group called "Faye Wong 2016 concert tickets pre-sale" QQ group. There are hundreds of people in the QQ group, more than the same week and the construction of the Philippines fans". And now known as the group, will be able to book tickets for the concert, but the fans need to do is to "advance deposit". The main group said, "pay a deposit can get tickets, tickets for the deposit amount of different price is different, the sooner the better position." In addition, in order to control the number of booking, the other requirements of deposit before October 1st, trading for Alipay transfer. The week rose 400 yuan booked a 1800 yuan tickets, though she also said the money was not practical, but in order to get tickets in advance, she decided to adventure". In addition to Zhou Jian’s QQ group, the Beijing morning news reporters from Taobao, micro-blog and other fish, bean, multi platform found Faye Wong 2016 tickets pre-sale advertising. Cattle who are said to have access to the ticket in advance, as well as cattle that have been authorized by the organizers". Book price up to 2000 yuan. The official rumor concert ticket sale date has not yet been determined in fact, this is not the first time the news about Faye Wong concert tickets. As early as June of this year, Faye Wong concert has not been certified in real time, there are rumors about the fare, said the concert tickets are priced at more than 3000 yuan, the highest on the yuan. And this statement was the agent of Faye Wong rumor in June, called "non official sources, all is not true". In September 9th the official release of the concert ticket price, and so on, tickets on sale soon came to raise a Babel of criticism of. In September 13th, Faye Wong’s agent and released the rumor news at micro-blog, said that has not yet been announced when the sale of tickets, in order to avoid fans by Shu相关的主题文章: