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UnCategorized More and more people experience depression over the years. Depression has a lot of effects on people’s lives. In most cases, it causes people to feel tried and out of focus. This affects people negatively as their daily routines are disturbed. How can you know if the tiredness you are feeling is due to depression? Here are some of the changes that depression might have caused to you that you should check. Depression can cause change in weight. When a person is depressed, he either gains weight or loses weight. This is because people cope with depression in many ways. For some, eating more makes them feel better. Others are probably too depressed so they do not want to eat at all. Either way, tiredness can result from both. Depression can cause change in sleeping habits. Depressed individuals are usually those who cannot sleep well at night. Some have difficulty in sleeping early while others wake up frequently in the middle of the night. People get depressed when they are stressed with something or have a problem with something. This causes the brain to over think and as a result, the brain be.es too active even during the night which makes it difficult for a person to sleep. Good sleep can only be achieved if your brain is relaxed. If you always cannot get sleep, not only will depression worsen but your body will not be able to rest as well – the main cause of tiredness. Depression can cause change in mood. People who are down often feel like the whole world is on their back. Others feel isolated and they think that people do not understand how they feel. This causes irritability or frequent mood change. Many depressed people often get irritated by noise or the things they see around them. This is why most of them just stay in the room to sulk. They may even feel irritated when somebody wants to give them words of advice. Depression can cause change in energy level. People who are experiencing depression usually feel the slightest urge to work or do physical activities. This is not because they are lazy. This is because they feel like they do not have the energy to work because they feel too tired. Lack of motivation can also be a reason for this. When you lack motivation, it is too hard to do something you really do not feel like doing. Inactivity or lack of physical activities can cause the energy level to surge low because the muscles be.e stiff. If you really want to stop feeling tired, you have to encourage yourself to move around or do some exercise routines. Depression can cause change in mind alertness. When a person is depressed, it is very hard to concentrate. Too many things cloud their minds and confuse them. As a result, they cannot really focus on the thing they are doing at the moment. This can affect one’s life especially with work and decision making. Depression can bring a lot of changes a person’s life. Most often than not, these changes are not healthy for the body and the overall well-being of a person. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: