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Ferrara: Lady Luck Li Bing: never mind a good summary of sina sports news with Ferrara attended the press conference before the whistle lore of Johnson lost, Wuhan zall team took home court 1 0 victory over Guizhou Zhicheng team leader. More gas than winning is 3 points to the importance of the echelon situation is still not optimistic, so the 3 points for Wuhan zall team was simply a straw. Not only that, Wuhan zall team also won the 5 million yuan to win prize money out of the club. After the game, Wuhan zall team coach and the team formed a circle, they enjoy dancing crazily. In the post match press conference, Ferrara said excitedly: today’s game players played very exciting, they played in the audience is very perfect, this is a good result of their efforts to fight on the field." At the end of the game, both players are the emergence of physical decline, while Wuhan zall team coach Ferrara has been on the sidelines to encourage players. In this regard, Ferrara said: "although in the last few minutes I found some of the players are very tired, but they had not reached the replacement level, we asked the players at that time with the formation of compact." Subsequently, Ferrara will once again praise for the players, "our players good, very good, I can train the team proud, have suspended players in the team today, there are injured players, all the players are the best, our recent game also playing well." When Johnson scored a ball before the whistle lore, Ferrara excitedly said, was just want to find a person on the pitch just a hug. "We used to throw the ball in the last few games, and today we have a lucky lady." Ferrara finally said. Before visiting the news conference, Guizhou Zhicheng coach Li Bing said: "congratulations to the Wuhan zall team scored three points, 90 minutes of the match of our players are very hard, the game also played really well, but in the final stoppage time made a little mistake, this is football, in the game is to seize the opponent you may make mistakes, this is the final result." For the defeat of the game, Li Bing also look very pale, he said: "overall, our players are very good, Never mind lost the game, we have the following competition, we will learn from the experience, to play the remaining four games." (Undead)相关的主题文章: