Fifth Hongkong theme film exhibition opened in Dalian on the 26 – Hong Kong and Macao – People’s net

The fifth Hongkong Film Festival theme of the opening 26 in Dalian – Hong Kong – "king of flowers" from on 25 August, according to the Hongkong government news network reported by the government of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region in Beijing office, Liaoning liaison office and Broadway centre joint the fifth Hongkong Film Festival theme, unveiled in August 26th Dalian, "the taste of Hongkong is one of the main activities in Liaoning? 2016" series. The Hongkong Film Festival is held every year in many cities in the mainland to promote the culture of contemporary Hongkong film, so as to promote cultural exchanges between Hongkong and the mainland. There are other forms of exchange activities during the Hongkong film screenings, let people and close contact with the mainland audience, deepen mutual understanding. Film exhibition this year to gangster films as the main body, called "black and white between: the hero", by two Hongkong gangster film director Ringo Lam film history and Du Qi? Co curated, they for the mainland audience chosen 8 representative of the classic Hong Kong films, expect to pass this kind of energy is masculine the film, and to promote justice, the positive value of the evil forces of criticism to the audience. Film exhibition tomorrow (26 days) in the Dalian BELLE palace studios held the opening ceremony, the officiating guests including the Secretary for commerce and Economic Development Bureau Su Jinliang, director of the Beijing office, Fu Xiaohui, deputy director of Liaoning Provincial Bureau of press and publication of Zhu Wenbiao, director of the liaison office Dong Xulin, director of Dalian cultural radio and Television Bureau, Wang Xinghang Comstock Ltd. CEO Liu Shaowen ambassador, Hongkong Film Festival, and the first movie actress Kara Hui awards. After the opening ceremony, the opening of the film starring Kara Hui, "overlord flower". The film describes the story of a class of police officers trained to become a special police SWAT team, "King flower" story. On male dominated, "king of flowers" in "Nei" female vivid, belongs to a few types of time. For a period of ten days (August 26th to September 4th) of the festival will be in Dalian BELLE palace cinema screenings "overlord flower", "killer", "thief", "prison", "Regulations", "Police Story", "tasteless boiled" and "Carmen" MK eight film. Film exhibition held in Dalian after the tour to the country’s seven city, including Ji’nan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Chengdu and Wuhan. (commissioning editor Liu Jieyan and Yang Mu)相关的主题文章: