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"Fifty-eight half" director: life only for others to do one thing is to impress people – Beijing, Beijing and field on 11 November, (reporter Zhu Jingzhao) 11, the movie "fifty-eight" half in Hotan shooting into the fourth day, the film director Dong Ling said that the film Hero Wang Yuyi for Hotan cadres and masses of all ethnic groups unknown to the public to do only one thing, is meaningful, is to impress people, the film is to express such values. The film tells the story of "fifty-eight half" Tian Xinjiang area famous water expert, and former Deputy Commissioner of administrative Wang Yu in Hotan Chinese the most arid regions work for 30 years, presided over the construction of 58 reservoirs, for the benefit of millions of people in Hotan, people called him "the God of water". It is a pity that there is a reservoir not completed due to the death of cancer late. Dong Ling said, 10 years ago she had taken the idea of Wang Yu, now, Wang Yu has been dead for 20 years, after such a long period of time the emotional accumulation and accumulation of history, with its deeds do support, this movie will become a moving film. Dong Ling said that at the moment, people’s values are diverse, but a person’s life for others to do only one thing is meaningful. "Only for the unity of happiness", this is the last sentence of Wang Yu’s last words, very touching. "Fifty-eight and a half" is to express and promote such values. Dong Ling has directed a number of main theme films, including the film "Yang Shanzhou". She said that Wang Yu and Yang Shanzhou are officials, but the difference is that Wang Yu engaged in water conservancy, more focused on professional. "Because Wang Wei and the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups living together with the work, the film can be seen as a national unity theme of the film," she said. (end)相关的主题文章: