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Fofan thin Python fans in the eyes of the super hero! Sohu – P. Bo Fufan from the Shandong tough guy in the ring gave us a deep impression! The fans gave him a nickname "the tough guy"! Compared to "the tough guy" I love Bo Fufan "Monty python". In his eyes, although Python thick, but very fierce, fast, powerful! Bo Fufan as a new generation of 80 kg, China iconic leader, is the Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, a wave of more than a wave of strong! Career record 36 war 32 wins and 4 losses. In Kunlun, the 42 Xining Railway Station, Bo Fufan in the face of Sergei completely played their own momentum and courage! Kunlun decided to stand in the middle of 43, in the face of the Eastern European demon star Gore Love, mature and steady play, won the applause of every audience……. Enze: thin fofan combat horizon invited the first public voice: Hello brother thin this contest, understand the opponent? Do you have any training? Hello Enze, I know my opponent and I saw a lot of his videos. Fist leg knee combination smooth, strength is also strong, our height difference of 17 cm. However, due to the temporary replacement of opponents did not do too much for training. But I’ll keep my style! As China’s 80 kg idol class representative, there is no confidence in gold belt? Well, 80 kg of gold belt is my goal! But there are some gaps and short board, but I have been working hard! The gold belt will be in your hands sooner or later! After the game, how to arrange and plan? Whether the game will win, to sum up their own shortcomings and the insufficiency. A lot of friends on the Internet to tell me the problem, I have been constantly improving! Will change some of the play, not blindly rely on fight. In the future, boxing leg combination training will be strengthened, especially the batter. Knee method will also be strengthened. Do some more moves, flexible. Slowly correcting. Finally, "Monty Python" Bo Fufan said, there is a lot of people support me, thank you very much! As a newcomer, your support and encouragement is my advance training power in the ring, thank you! Battle horizons Enze comments: China’s major players, Bo Fufan is one of the most promising players. The ring ring under the calm, enthusiasm, win the support of many fans! Misfortune may be an actual blessing., "Huainan world.". Perseverance, perseverance and stone can be engraved wood is not folded! Xunzi’s "encouraging learning". I wish the "tough guy" Bo Fufan, our success! Editorial Author: Guo Enze相关的主题文章: