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Forcing children to learn to indulge the child, which is more cruel? The | – Sohu mother Faye rain this paper starts from the growth of the tree (chengzhangshu9) talked about "forced children", people have to think of another word: "tiger mom". This comes from the Chinese American mother, Yale University law school professor Cai Meier (Amy Chua), she published a memoir, "Battle Hymn of the tiger mother" in 2011, the book perfect strict parenting triggered fierce controversy in the west. Today, the "distance" Battle Hymn of the tiger mother has been over 5 years. Then the tiger mother forced to grow under the two daughters are now adult. The little daughter Lulu is now 20 years old, graduated from Harvard University Department of history of art. Daughter Sophia 23 years old this year, graduated from Harvard with honors and research at Yale law school students, at the same time, she joined the U.S. Army as a two lieutenant. And when many experts are given, they will be "cold, dull, even different mental problems or suicidal" prophecy, the two daughters of the tiger mother university life colorful. They are enthusiastic, smart, hard-working, and popular, often invited to a friend’s party. "For me," said Sophia, the oldest daughter, "to live is not to achieve or to please, but to know that you have tried to transcend your physical and mental limits. If I die tomorrow, I’ll feel like I’ve been 110%. Because of this, I want to thank you, tiger mom". Two the relationship between her daughter and her mother is also very good, the sisters said they have a happy childhood, the future will be the same way to educate their children. This raises an interesting question: which is more cruel to force children to learn and to let go of their children? There is every parent trainer, and the horse is a beast, every child in their personality education a lot of people think that the tiger mother approach such as cruel, she asked the children to play the piano every day for 6 hours; for example, her daughter not allowed any subjects less than A; she lost her daughter made such as greeting cards, just because she felt "too rough" "I deserve better"; such as her "the curse, threat, bribery, and other inducements to coercion, ask the child along the parents for the choice of the road to", even once scolded her daughter "garbage"…… This is a controversial method of education, because it largely deprives children of their freedom and happiness. However, compared to the beauty of the tiger mother Cai Mei, we should not ignore another cruel. For example, some parents to oppose excessive interference for children to learn, indifferent children; some parents such as mobile phone, computer, while looking at the mahjong table full, while the children said, "Study hard ah, or the future milksop"; for example, some parents every day just to make money, the children throw the elderly or nanny to take the time to accompany the child, is almost zero; for example, some parents for their own labor, the television, mobile phone, tablet to the children to "enjoy", let the children in childish cartoons and game you spend a day. Maybe you’ll be good相关的主题文章: