Forecast period Lotto 16130th odd value to hot – Sohu douke

Forecast period: Lotto 16130th odd value to hot – Sohu on the Lotto lottery number is 07081930 35+08 09, the area before the total value fell to 99 points, the number out of 1, 1 groups of numbers, parity ratio and size ratio for the same 3:2, after nearly 3 consecutive out large numbers of 2 numbers. The baby with color Lotto history of this tool to lotto 2016130 historical data analysis: before the district number analysis: history of the 130 period cumulative lottery eight times, and the value is lower than 100 accounted for 50%, and the last two times and the values were higher than 100, the Lord and the value dropped to 80-100 interval. In the same period in the history of the lottery, tail number number followed by 5-4-5-4-4-4-4-5, which shows that the combination with the tail number number is relatively large, the next 1 groups with the tail number representation. In the recent six consecutive 130 lottery numbers, have combined appearances in the latest period, need not even combination performance. Compared with the even number 130 in the history of the situation, the odd number is slightly dominant, 2015130 odd number more than 2016130, the Lord continued hot open odd, recommended parity ratio 3:2. Back analysis: history of the 130 period in large number of segments positively, even is a little more, the next section is expected to pick up the decimal, the average distribution of parity codes. Recommended 5+2 combination: 02121719 30+02 08相关的主题文章: