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Foreign media: Chinese traditional concept of subversion of young people enjoy the fun alone original title: U.S. media said Chinese subversion of the traditional family values: young people enjoy the fun of living alone China core tip: is undergoing a series of profound social and economic change, the traditional love and family values subversion. Reference News Network reported on September 25th, the U.S. media said that the Chinese people think about marriage, but the promise is not necessarily. Newly released data show that the number of Chinese registered marriage fell for two consecutive years, while the number of divorces continues to rise. According to the "New York Times" website reported on September 23rd, the root of these two trends in the Chinese family planning policy, shocking economic rise and the changing of women’s work and family roles, they lead to a new generation of young people questioned the marriage in the society in the traditional role of China. "New York Times" in September had published an article number Chinese introduced to reduce the phenomenon of marriage, the next few weeks, the rise of the Internet China has a discussion on the role of women and marriage. In the social media network Sina micro-blog, many Chinese people talk about their plans to marry, and the reasons behind. Reported that China is undergoing a series of profound social and economic change, the traditional concept of love and family was subverted. Data provider CEIC Data and China’s National Bureau of statistics provide data on China with a solid figure to support the authenticity of some trends. Alone: the average family size has decreased in 2015 reported that the average number of Chinese family 3.1 people, but 4.43 people in 1982, the average reduction in the number of a variety of reasons: to reduce the number of children, the elderly and other factors. But some people say another reason: the joy of living alone. In this regard, Chinese netizens said: a variety of unhappy married life, who do not want to pursue a high quality of life." From small to large parents have been fighting, I also feel that a person is free, if you fall in love or marriage I will not stand." Marriage loyalty is getting lower and lower, they can live very well, why do you find a burden?" Study hard: Master’s degree increase in women reported that in 2004 the proportion of women in China’s master’s degree was 44.2% in 2014 to 51.7%. There are many Chinese women who think marriage is the main way to protect the economy, but now Chinese women are getting more and more educated and becoming part of the workforce. In this regard, netizens commented, "I think as long as they are all independent, will be found to bring their own sense of the money, but can not rely on others, marriage really is very troublesome". Some people say: "the value of a woman should not be reflected in the marriage, but not their own can not feed themselves." Aging: China’s population aging report said that in 1982 the proportion of China’s aging population increased from 1:12.52014 to 1:7.3, the proportion of the elderly and 15 to 64 years of age increased. In children’s traditional Chinese culture to support their elders, which gives the younger generation the pressure. In this regard, the netizen said: as handsome相关的主题文章: