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Francis Yao Ming: the year long tribute to a mysterious force you to help me select Yao Ming and Francis Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 10th, the day officially entered the hall of fame in Yao Ming, his elder brother Francis is in the "players forum" a tribute to Yao Ming, the following is the full text: Yao Ming ruined my holiday in 2002. I never wanted to thank him. But now, I want to send this thanks. The story begins with Rudi – Tomjanovich, our T coach. We all call him Rudi. We call him Rudi. We had a bad record in the season before Yao Ming came to houston. The season we have won 28 Games and missed the playoffs, Olajuwon era has become a wonderful memories of yesterday. I remember I’m driving around in Houston, everywhere can see large billboards rocket, there are many pictures of me, writing above the capital FRANCHISE (team). But sometimes I shake my head, because our team is really tough. After the end of the season in April, we can’t wait to go on holiday. Rudi was in a bad mood at the end of the season. He went into the locker room and watched us. He stared at me, Cuttino Mobley and Glen rice, then we are the key players. "My advice to you?" He said, "give up on vacation, go home and have a good training." Like I said, Rudi is in a bad mood. But even if I think he’s right, I’d like to have a short holiday. My body is very tired, and I want to see my family, so I flew home second days. A week later I got a call from Rudi, the Rockets owner Leslie Alexander, and general manager Carol Dawson’s phone, they want me to immediately return to Houston. "I’m just getting started," I replied. "What happened?" But Rudi only said a word, "off the plane to call us." And hung up the phone. I’m not worried about my contract or any other problem, but it was a strange time. I flew back to Houston, and when I was in the office, I found that they were watching the game on TV, when they had just returned from the NBA rookie training camp in Chicago. "You call me all the way back to me to see the video?" I said angrily. "Look at this guy," Alexander said to me. Then I saw him, it was the first time I saw Yao play. I was just a little bit of a big man from china. Foreign players in the United camp always seems to create great momentum, but not much success. In this life I have read a lot of video games, often feel that things are generally 1) this is boring; 2) from a few minutes of video game really hard to judge a player is not good; 3) I hit a lifetime basket, has never been any young ball can shock me. But Yao is not the same, before I’ve never seen such a video, this guy’s a little bigger than other times, but he also hit the three! He exploded his opponent, one after another. Not only that, but the guy is taller than anyone else on the pitch, but he can run easily on the court相关的主题文章: