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Frank, what Xuxin Ghosts – Gansu Channel – original title: Frank, what Xuxin ghosts before the eighteen session of the tenth round of visits to the central first drying out feedback on the issue of Tianjin, "the minority party cadres ideals and beliefs is lost, do not believe in Marxism letter spirits" impressively in the head. Previously, Tianjin had informed the typical cases of the original Tianjin Municipal Committee, Jinnan party secretary Lv Fuchun original all superstitious activities. Lv Fuchun spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy Buddha worship at home, looking for Feng Shui Feng Shui Feng Shui, do not ask the future, please fortune teller. Office, residence, and other official vehicles at full power, the growth of evil spirits misfortunes "sign" and "". (Xinhua October 12th) after the eighteen, each patrol feedback list of problems, some new words, new expressions are the focus of public opinion. In this feedback problems, Tianjin minority party members and cadres do not believe in Marxism believe in ghosts "much attention. As a former seventeen Central Committee alternate candidate, vice mayor of the main leadership study object, departments and regions, Lu Fu Chun step by step fall into "do not believe in Marxism believe the spirits, not to seek re officer, officer is not fine fine money, not love of virtue love beauty, no discipline in terms of the" four winds "corruption molecular, profound lessons, set people thinking. Impression, like Lv Fuchun "on stage about Lenin, Taiwan pray", as early as non cases, no longer "news". Former Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun, burn incense and pray at home for a long period of time, the office put patron stone, believe in Feng Shui, before the project started please Feng Shui foundation selected time, in order to Geely; former deputy secretary of the Sichuan provincial Li Chuncheng will be home for the elderly graves relocated from the Northeast Dujiangyan, hired Feng Shui to spend millions of public funds do Dojo; Guangdong Jieyang former party secretary Chen Hongping extremely superstitious Feng Shui, the use of public funds to build their own house, not only will the "Fengshui" into the city planning and construction, also called on Party cadres to take the lead in studying "Feng shui"…… Officials so popular Feng Shui, believe in ghosts, there are three reasons: one is affected by the social climate, world outlook, outlook on life and values gradually degenerated, produced a crisis of faith; the two is the "official standard" idea. Some claiming "materialism" is not the official "materialism", "fantasy by Feng Shui made man" as more officers. Some have the ability and the pursuit of, originally by the proper effort can be promoted officials, in order to increase the insurance factor, but also consciously or not to join the team to bless; three is the spiritual emptiness, seeking sustenance. Some officials have done some shady ghosts, fear, want to take this to obtain a supernatural force shall find sustenance and home to their heart dirty soul. According to reports, Yunnan Province, the original Kunming Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Li Xi, realising he took the money should not take the likely "trouble", so, always failing to find "feng shui master" or pray, even home into a magpie also injured a "master" by the good or ill luck; Liaoning Province, former mayor of Fushun city Luan Qingwei to guide and forecast future and the fate of hope in the "master", trying to use the "supernatural)相关的主题文章: